Manager OKRs

How you write your OKRs can make a huge difference on the impact that your team will have at the end of the quarter. But, it's not always easy to write a quarterly plan that focuses on outcomes instead of projects.

That's why we have created a list of OKRs examples for Manager to help. You can use any of the templates below as a starting point to write your own goals.

If you want to learn more about the framework, you can read more about the meaning of OKRs online.

Examples of OKRs for Manager

You'll find Objectives and Key Results for Manager, but our examples may also include the tasks that can help you get there.

You'll find 1 OKRs examples for Manager below, and some extra tips to write better quarterly plans at the end.

OKRs to become a better manager

  • ObjectiveBecome a better manager
  • Key ResultEstablish clear expectations and communication protocols for team members
  • Key ResultDevelop a deeper understanding of team dynamics and individual strengths
  • Key ResultFacilitate constructive feedback and open communication among team members
  • TaskCreate a system for team members to provide feedback to each other.
  • TaskEncourage team members to openly discuss their ideas and opinions.
  • TaskEstablish ground rules for providing constructive feedback.
  • TaskSchedule periodic team meetings to discuss feedback and open communication.
  • Key ResultFoster an environment of trust, collaboration, and transparency
  • TaskEstablish a clear code of conduct.
  • TaskCreate opportunities for team members to share ideas.
  • TaskReward collaboration and team efforts.
  • TaskEncourage open communication and dialogue.

Not seeing what you need?

You can use a goal-setting AI to generate great OKRs for you based on a description of your objectives.

How to track your OKRs?

It's important to establish a cadence of check-ins for your Manager OKRs.

The rules of OKRs are simple. Quarterly OKRs should be tracked weekly, and yearly OKRs should be tracked monthly.

Spreadsheets are enough to get started. Then, once you need to scale you can use a proper OKRs-tracking platform to make things easier.

Check out the 5 best OKR tracking templates to find the best way to monitor progress during the quarter.

OKRs resources

Here are a list of resources to help you adopt the Objectives and Key Results framework.

Try Tability for your OKRs