OKR template to master backend API handling in React

public-lib · Published 25 days ago

The OKR is centered on mastering the control of backend API handling using React. Initially, the objective is to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve all errors related to backend data retrieval in projects within a span of two weeks. The initiatives include identifying all possible errors, developing and implementing solutions to resolve the problem.

Next, this OKR aims at acquiring comprehensive knowledge about React and backend API, demonstrated by scoring at least 85% in an online course specifically covering these topics. This objective is achieved by enrolling in the course, frequent studying of the course content, practicing coding, and ensuring comprehension via quizzes and exams.

The third outcome of this OKR entitles successful implementation of three different projects involving connections to backend APIs using React as proof of the practical application of the new competence. The initiatives to fulfill this outcome include identifying the APIs to work with and then developing and testing the React code for those APIs, followed by successful implementation of the project.

Simply put, this OKR aims to develop the ability to handle backend API with React both theoretically, as confirmed by passing an online course with at least 85% score, and practically, by correct implementation of three projects using those skills.
  • ObjectiveMaster backend API handling in React
  • Key ResultTroubleshoot and resolve all backend data retrieval errors on projects within 2 weeks
  • TaskDevelop solutions for the identified errors
  • TaskImplement solutions and verify problem resolution
  • TaskIdentify all backend data retrieval errors in projects
  • Key ResultPass an online React and backend API course with at least 85% score
  • TaskRegularly study course content and practice coding
  • TaskCheck comprehension by taking all quizzes and exams
  • TaskEnroll in an online React and backend API course
  • Key ResultImplement 3 projects successfully connecting to different backend APIs using React
  • TaskDevelop and test the React code for the APIs
  • TaskSuccessfully connect and implement the project
  • TaskIdentify the three different backend APIs to connect with
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