OKR template to develop AI chat GPT for convention

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

This OKR aims at developing and implementing AI chat based on GPT for real-time interactions at a convention. The first objective is to integrate the GPT model into the chat platform while ensuring seamless user experience through testing and troubleshooting, and researching suitable GPT models.

The second objective is to train the GPT model using previous conversation data. This involves the initiation of the GPT model training process, gathering and structuring past conversational data, and preprocessing this data ready for the GPT training.

The third objective is aimed at improving the AI chat GPT performance based on user feedback. A systematic review of user feedback will be carried out, potential improvement areas and issues will be identified and changes will be implemented to enhance chatbot's response to feedback.

Lastly, the OKR explicitly states the intent of measuring progress by setting milestones from 0.0 percent to 100.0 percent completion for each objective's initiatives. The outcome statements clear depict what success looks like for each objective.
  • ObjectiveDevelop AI chat GPT for convention
  • Key ResultImplement GPT into chat platform for real-time interactions during convention
  • TaskTest and troubleshoot for user experience improvement
  • TaskResearch suitable GPT models for the chat platform
  • TaskIntegrate chosen GPT model into the chat system
  • Key ResultTrain GPT model with relevant data from previous conversations
  • TaskInitiate the GPT model training process
  • TaskGather and organize previous conversational data
  • TaskPreprocess data for GPT model training
  • Key ResultAnalyze user feedback to improve AI chat GPT performance
  • TaskImplement changes to enhance chatbot responses based on feedback analysis
  • TaskReview collected user feedback on AI chat GPT performance
  • TaskIdentify common issues and potential improvement areas
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