15 customisable OKR examples for Onboarding

What are Onboarding OKRs?

The Objective and Key Results (OKR) framework is a simple goal-setting methodology that was introduced at Intel by Andy Grove in the 70s. It became popular after John Doerr introduced it to Google in the 90s, and it's now used by teams of all sizes to set and track ambitious goals at scale.

Formulating strong OKRs can be a complex endeavor, particularly for first-timers. Prioritizing outcomes over projects is crucial when developing your plans.

We've tailored a list of OKRs examples for Onboarding to help you. You can look at any of the templates below to get some inspiration for your own goals.

If you want to learn more about the framework, you can read our OKR guide online.

Building your own Onboarding OKRs with AI

While we have some examples available, it's likely that you'll have specific scenarios that aren't covered here. You can use our free AI generator below or our more complete goal-setting system to generate your own OKRs.

Feel free to explore our tools:

Our customisable Onboarding OKRs examples

You'll find below a list of Objectives and Key Results templates for Onboarding. We also included strategic projects for each template to make it easier to understand the difference between key results and projects.

Hope you'll find this helpful!

1OKRs to boost the effectiveness of SaaS onboarding process

  • ObjectiveBoost the effectiveness of SaaS onboarding process
  • Key ResultElevate customer's successful onboarding completion rate by 20%
  • TaskIntroduce interactive tutorials and guides
  • TaskImplement a structured follow-up system for user assistance
  • TaskSimplify the onboarding process to decrease user confusion
  • Key ResultImprove feedback ratings on customer onboarding experience by 15%
  • TaskImplement needed improvements based on customer feedback
  • TaskDevelop a comprehensive onboarding guide for new customers
  • TaskInitiate customer satisfaction surveys post-onboarding
  • Key ResultReduce the average time for onboarding completion by 30%
  • TaskImplement efficient, digital onboarding tools
  • TaskStreamline the onboarding process by removing unnecessary steps
  • TaskOffer comprehensive training for new hires

2OKRs to increase platform onboarding efficiency

  • ObjectiveIncrease platform onboarding efficiency
  • Key ResultIncrease user satisfaction rating for onboarding process to 4.5 out of 5
  • Key ResultAchieve 95% completion rate for onboarding tasks
  • Key ResultDecrease average onboarding time by 10%
  • Key ResultReduce onboarding support tickets by 20% through improved self-service resources
  • TaskImplement a user-friendly FAQ page addressing common onboarding queries and concerns
  • TaskDevelop video tutorials to visually guide users through the onboarding process
  • TaskRevamp knowledge base content with clear and detailed instructions for onboarding steps
  • TaskConduct regular surveys to gather feedback and identify areas for further improvement

3OKRs to enhance accountability and coordination in onboarding and calls

  • ObjectiveEnhance accountability and coordination in onboarding and calls
  • Key ResultDecrease new employees’ onboarding time by 25%
  • TaskUse online tools for remote onboarding
  • TaskImplement an intensive, compact structured training program
  • TaskAssign mentors to guide new hires
  • Key ResultReduce missed or late calls by 30%
  • TaskPromote accountability among team members for timely responses
  • TaskEstablish a strict schedule for all calls
  • TaskImplement a reliable automated notification system for upcoming calls
  • Key ResultIncrease customer call resolution rate to 90%
  • TaskMonitor calls regularly and provide feedback
  • TaskConduct specialized training for customer service agents
  • TaskImplement customer resolution best practice guidelines

4OKRs to transform the pre-start employee journey after offer acceptance

  • ObjectiveTransform the pre-start employee journey after offer acceptance
  • Key ResultDesign and implement a new digital onboarding platform for 90% user satisfaction
  • TaskDevelop a user-friendly and interactive design for platform
  • TaskConduct regular user satisfaction surveys and adjust accordingly
  • TaskIdentify user requirements and expectations for the onboarding platform
  • Key ResultAchieve a 30% reduction in time-to-productivity for new hires
  • TaskProvide industry-specific training immediately
  • TaskAssign new hires a mentor for guidance
  • TaskImplement a comprehensive, streamlined onboarding process
  • Key ResultReduce open query rates by 70% through proactive communication
  • TaskImplement an automated response system for instant replies
  • TaskDevelop an FAQ section addressing common queries
  • TaskImplement a routine for regular client updates on query status

5OKRs to minimize customer touchpoints during onboarding

  • ObjectiveMinimize customer touchpoints during onboarding
  • Key ResultDecrease customer contact rate by 25% throughout the onboarding process
  • TaskAutomate common queries using chatbots
  • TaskImplement a self-service portal for customers
  • TaskDevelop a comprehensive FAQ section
  • Key ResultImplement a self-service portal to handle at least 30% of inquiries
  • TaskPromote portal usage to customers via various channels
  • TaskTrain staff to update and maintain the portal's content
  • TaskIdentify software for creating a user-friendly self-service portal
  • Key ResultIncrease first call resolution rate to 60% or higher
  • TaskImplement policies for effective call handling
  • TaskRegularly review and improve scripts
  • TaskProvide comprehensive training for customer service representatives

6OKRs to optimize onboarding process for call center recruits

  • ObjectiveOptimize onboarding process for call center recruits
  • Key ResultReduce new hire training period by 15%
  • TaskDevelop concise, effective training materials
  • TaskStreamline onboarding with a mentorship program
  • TaskImplement intensive, job-specific training sessions
  • Key ResultEnsure 100% of new hires complete a capsule project within the first week
  • TaskProvide necessary resources and support to new hires
  • TaskCreate a tracking system to monitor project completion
  • TaskDevelop and distribute a standard capsule project for all new hires
  • Key ResultAchieve 95% new hire satisfaction with the onboarding process
  • TaskConduct satisfaction surveys post-onboarding
  • TaskImplement a comprehensive onboarding program
  • TaskAddress feedback to improve the process

7OKRs to enhance the new hire pre-onboarding experience

  • ObjectiveEnhance the new hire pre-onboarding experience
  • Key ResultImplement digital automation for at least 50% of pre onboarding process
  • TaskDevelop and deploy the automation processes
  • TaskSelect appropriate digital automation tool or platform
  • TaskIdentify which pre-onboarding processes are automatable
  • Key ResultDecrease time to complete pre-onboarding tasks by 25%
  • TaskImplement an interactive onboarding checklist for new hires
  • TaskAutomate paperwork with digital forms and signatures
  • TaskStreamline pre-onboarding process by eliminating redundant steps
  • Key ResultIncrease new hire satisfaction rate post-pre onboarding to 90%
  • TaskSchedule regular check-ins with recent hires
  • TaskEnhance onboarding process based on feedback
  • TaskImplement mentorship program for all incoming hires

8OKRs to establish a comprehensive new hire onboarding program

  • ObjectiveEstablish a comprehensive new hire onboarding program
  • Key ResultDevelop a clear, structured onboarding plan within the first 2 weeks
  • TaskOutline a schedule for training sessions, workshops, and meetings
  • TaskPrepare a comprehensive, easy-to-follow onboarding guide
  • TaskIdentify key roles, responsibilities, and systems new hires must understand
  • Key ResultAchieve 90% satisfaction rate on new hire feedback surveys about onboarding experience
  • TaskDevelop a detailed, comprehensive onboarding program with clear expectations
  • TaskCollect regular feedback from new hires and implement necessary adjustments
  • TaskProvide consistent mentorship and support for new employees during onboarding
  • Key ResultTrain 100% of HR team to effectively implement onboarding program
  • TaskChoose appropriate training resources or programs
  • TaskSchedule and oversee training sessions
  • TaskIdentify existing knowledge gaps in the HR team's onboarding skills

9OKRs to improve self-serve onboarding

  • ObjectiveOur users can onboard the product by themselves with success
  • Key Result70% of new leads complete their activation process on their first day
  • TaskAdd sample data to customer instances on load
  • TaskAdd in-product help to guide users through the onboarding
  • Key Result80% of our users are satisfied with the onboarding
  • TaskAdd onboarding satisfaction survey to the drip feed
  • Key ResultWe have 10 tutorials covering core parts of the product

10OKRs to drastically improve onboarding and activation

  • ObjectiveGet amazing improvements in our onboarding process
  • Key ResultIncrease the number of trials/week from 20 to 35
  • TaskDisplay clear CTAs to help non-admins request upgrades
  • TaskAdd 5 clear upgrade paths for users
  • Key ResultIncrease week-1 activation rate from 55% to 65%
  • TaskIdentify drop-offs
  • TaskInstrument activation funnel in Amplitude
  • TaskTackle top 5 low-hanging fruits to improve onboarding
  • Key ResultReduce trials churn from 46% to 30%
  • TaskImplement fixes following feedback
  • TaskTalk to 20 churned customers to understand what went wrong

11OKRs to streamline the onboarding process for rapid integration of new hires

  • ObjectiveStreamline the onboarding process for rapid integration of new hires
  • Key ResultIncrease new hire proficiency score by 30% within first 60 days
  • TaskMonitor and evaluate individual job performance
  • TaskEstablish mentorship system within departments
  • TaskImplement comprehensive orientation program for new hires
  • Key ResultDecrease average onboarding duration by 25% from current baseline
  • TaskImprove training materials for quicker learning
  • TaskStreamline hiring procedures for faster employee integration
  • TaskAutomate administrative tasks to save time
  • Key ResultAchieve 90% new hire satisfaction rate regarding onboarding process
  • TaskAddress concerns and issues promptly and effectively
  • TaskImplement a comprehensive and clear onboarding program
  • TaskRegularly survey new hires for constructive feedback

12OKRs to improve user onboarding

  • ObjectiveStreamline onboarding and improve our user journey
  • Key ResultIncrease the number of user invites sent during onboarding by 8%
  • Key ResultReduce trial abandonment from 20% to 12%
  • Key Result90% of new sign-ups get through the entire onboarding flow
  • Key ResultImprove trial to paid conversion by 12%

13OKRs to implement the new onboarding program to speed up deal closure time

  • ObjectiveImplement the new onboarding program to speed up deal closure time
  • Key ResultReduce the average time to first deal by 25% by week 12
  • TaskTrain team in aggressive prospecting strategies
  • TaskImplement sales acceleration software for efficiency
  • TaskOptimize pitch to better engage and convert leads
  • Key ResultTrain 80% of the sales team on the new onboarding program by week 8
  • TaskComplete training and assess understanding by week 8
  • TaskSchedule training sessions for sales team by week 3
  • TaskIdentify key elements for the onboarding program by week 1
  • Key ResultDevelop program curriculum and necessary resources by week 4
  • TaskEstablish a timeline and assign topics to each week
  • TaskIdentify necessary topics and learning outcomes for the program curriculum
  • TaskGather and organize needed resources for curriculum content

14OKRs to enhance the employee adaptation process for better integration

  • ObjectiveEnhance the employee adaptation process for better integration
  • Key ResultImplement a new orientation program for 80% of newly hired employees
  • TaskDevelop metric tools to track program participation and effectiveness
  • TaskAssign a team to implement and oversee the new orientation program
  • TaskDesign an effective, comprehensive orientation structure for new hires
  • Key ResultIncrease employee engagement score by 25% after 3 months of employment
  • TaskConduct consistent one-on-one check-ins with each employee
  • TaskImplement regular team-building activities
  • TaskUse recognition programs to reward outstanding work
  • Key ResultDecrease average time to full productivity for new hires by 20%
  • TaskInclude performance tracking in the first week
  • TaskProvide mentorship programs for quicker skill acquisition
  • TaskImplement an intensive, streamlined onboarding program

15OKRs to increase business customer onboarding in customer support

  • ObjectiveIncrease business customer onboarding in customer support
  • Key ResultBoost direct outreach campaigns to 20 potential business customers a week
  • TaskIdentify 20 potential business customers per week
  • TaskExecute weekly outreach through phone calls or emails
  • TaskDevelop personalized outreach materials for each target
  • Key ResultTrain customer support team to upsell services, increasing sales by 15%
  • TaskImplement specialized upselling training for customer support team
  • TaskMonitor, evaluate, and give feedback on performance regularly
  • TaskIntroduce incentives for successful upsells
  • Key ResultConvert 30% of potential business customer inquiries into sales
  • TaskImplement a thorough and personalized follow-up system
  • TaskDevelop a compelling sales pitch tailored to their specific business needs
  • TaskProvide potential customers with successful case studies and testimonials

Onboarding OKR best practices to boost success

Generally speaking, your objectives should be ambitious yet achievable, and your key results should be measurable and time-bound (using the SMART framework can be helpful). It is also recommended to list strategic initiatives under your key results, as it'll help you avoid the common mistake of listing projects in your KRs.

Here are a couple of best practices extracted from our OKR implementation guide 👇

Tip #1: Limit the number of key results

Focus can only be achieve by limiting the number of competing priorities. It is crucial that you take the time to identify where you need to move the needle, and avoid adding business-as-usual activities to your OKRs.

We recommend having 3-4 objectives, and 3-4 key results per objective. A platform like Tability can run audits on your data to help you identify the plans that have too many goals.

Tability Insights DashboardTability's audit dashboard will highlight opportunities to improve OKRs

Tip #2: Commit to weekly OKR check-ins

Having good goals is only half the effort. You'll get significant more value from your OKRs if you commit to a weekly check-in process.

Being able to see trends for your key results will also keep yourself honest.

Tability Insights DashboardTability's check-ins will save you hours and increase transparency

Tip #3: No more than 2 yellow statuses in a row

Yes, this is another tip for goal-tracking instead of goal-setting (but you'll get plenty of OKR examples above). But, once you have your goals defined, it will be your ability to keep the right sense of urgency that will make the difference.

As a rule of thumb, it's best to avoid having more than 2 yellow/at risk statuses in a row.

Make a call on the 3rd update. You should be either back on track, or off track. This sounds harsh but it's the best way to signal risks early enough to fix things.

How to turn your Onboarding OKRs in a strategy map

OKRs without regular progress updates are just KPIs. You'll need to update progress on your OKRs every week to get the full benefits from the framework. Reviewing progress periodically has several advantages:

  • It brings the goals back to the top of the mind
  • It will highlight poorly set OKRs
  • It will surface execution risks
  • It improves transparency and accountability

Most teams should start with a spreadsheet if they're using OKRs for the first time. Then, once you get comfortable you can graduate to a proper OKRs-tracking tool.

A strategy map in TabilityTability's Strategy Map makes it easy to see all your org's OKRs

If you're not yet set on a tool, you can check out the 5 best OKR tracking templates guide to find the best way to monitor progress during the quarter.

More Onboarding OKR templates

We have more templates to help you draft your team goals and OKRs.

OKRs resources

Here are a list of resources to help you adopt the Objectives and Key Results framework.

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