21 OKR examples for User Experience Designer

Creating impactful OKRs can be a daunting task, especially for newcomers. Shifting your focus from projects to outcomes is key to successful planning.

We have curated a selection of OKR examples specifically for User Experience Designer to assist you. Feel free to explore the templates below for inspiration in setting your own goals.

If you want to learn more about the framework, you can read more about the OKR meaning online.

Best practices for OKR

Your objectives should be ambitious, but achievable. Your key results should be measurable and time-bound. It can also be helfpul to list strategic initiatives under your key results, as it'll help you avoid the common mistake of listing projects in your KRs.

Building your own OKRs with AI

While we have some examples below, it's likely that you'll have specific scenarios that aren't covered here. There are 2 options available to you.

- Use our free OKRs generator
- Use Tability, a complete platform to set and track OKRs and initiatives – including a GPT-4 powered goal generator

How to track OKRs

Your quarterly OKRs should be tracked weekly in order to get all the benefits of the OKRs framework.

Spreadsheets are enough to get started. Then, once you need to scale you can use a proper OKRs-tracking platform to make things easier.

We recommend Tability for an easy way to set and track OKRs with your team.

Check out the 5 best OKR tracking templates to find the best way to monitor progress during the quarter.

User Experience Designer OKRs templates

We've added User Experience Designer Objectives and Key Results, but also the initiatives that relate to the OKRs.

OKRs to enhance the User Experience (UX) for our digital products

  • ObjectiveEnhance the User Experience (UX) for our digital products
  • Key ResultIncrease user session duration by 20% signalling improved engagement
  • TaskEnhance website content for improved user interest and interaction
  • TaskImplement engaging, interactive features on the platform
  • TaskOptimize website speed and functionality for user convenience
  • Key ResultConduct 10 user testing sessions to gather feedback for UX improvements
  • TaskIdentify 10 users for testing the current UX
  • TaskSchedule and conduct user testing sessions
  • TaskAnalyze feedback and compile UX improvement suggestions
  • Key ResultImprove user interface friendliness by 30% based on user experience surveys
  • TaskValidate improvements with targeted user feedback sessions
  • TaskImplement suggested changes to enhance interface friendliness
  • TaskAnalyze user experience surveys to identify improvement areas
  • Key ResultReduce UX design-related customer complaints by 15%
  • TaskImprove the onboarding process for better user understanding
  • TaskConduct frequent usability tests for early bug identification
  • TaskImplement a system for regular user feedback collection
Turn OKRs into a Strategy Map

OKRs to increase platform onboarding efficiency

  • ObjectiveIncrease platform onboarding efficiency
  • Key ResultIncrease user satisfaction rating for onboarding process to 4.5 out of 5
  • Key ResultAchieve 95% completion rate for onboarding tasks
  • Key ResultDecrease average onboarding time by 10%
  • Key ResultReduce onboarding support tickets by 20% through improved self-service resources
  • TaskImplement a user-friendly FAQ page addressing common onboarding queries and concerns
  • TaskDevelop video tutorials to visually guide users through the onboarding process
  • TaskRevamp knowledge base content with clear and detailed instructions for onboarding steps
  • TaskConduct regular surveys to gather feedback and identify areas for further improvement

OKRs to develop AI chat GPT for convention

  • ObjectiveDevelop AI chat GPT for convention
  • Key ResultImplement GPT into chat platform for real-time interactions during convention
  • TaskTest and troubleshoot for user experience improvement
  • TaskResearch suitable GPT models for the chat platform
  • TaskIntegrate chosen GPT model into the chat system
  • Key ResultTrain GPT model with relevant data from previous conversations
  • TaskInitiate the GPT model training process
  • TaskGather and organize previous conversational data
  • TaskPreprocess data for GPT model training
  • Key ResultAnalyze user feedback to improve AI chat GPT performance
  • TaskImplement changes to enhance chatbot responses based on feedback analysis
  • TaskReview collected user feedback on AI chat GPT performance
  • TaskIdentify common issues and potential improvement areas

OKRs to develop a comprehensive observability platform that exceeds industry standards

  • ObjectiveDevelop a comprehensive observability platform that exceeds industry standards
  • Key ResultIncrease data collection efficiency by 30% through optimized instrumentation and monitoring agents
  • Key ResultIncrease user satisfaction by 20% through an intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • TaskStreamline navigation by simplifying menus and reducing the number of clicks
  • TaskProvide clear and concise instructions to guide users through the interface effectively
  • TaskRevise interface design based on user feedback and usability best practices
  • TaskConduct user testing to identify pain points and areas for improvement
  • Key ResultImprove system reliability by reducing incidents and downtime by 25%
  • TaskEnhance employee training on system operations and troubleshooting techniques
  • TaskImplement proactive monitoring to detect and fix issues before they cause incidents
  • TaskConduct regular system maintenance and updates to prevent potential downtime
  • TaskEstablish backup and disaster recovery protocols for quick restoration in case of incidents
  • Key ResultAchieve 95% platform uptime to ensure continuous real-time observability for users

OKRs to enhance user satisfaction and engagement with our app

  • ObjectiveEnhance user satisfaction and engagement with our app
  • Key ResultReduce average response time to user inquiries to under 24 hours through streamlined customer support
  • TaskRegularly analyze response time data to identify bottlenecks and implement process improvements
  • TaskEstablish clear guidelines and documentation for resolving common user inquiries
  • TaskTrain customer support agents to handle inquiries effectively and efficiently
  • TaskImplement a ticketing system for efficient tracking and prioritization of user inquiries
  • Key ResultIncrease user retention rate by 15% through personalized push notifications and enhanced features
  • TaskContinuously monitor and optimize push notification campaigns and feature updates for maximum effectiveness
  • TaskDevelop and implement a comprehensive push notification strategy based on user insights
  • TaskAnalyze user behavior to identify key preferences and interests for personalized push notifications
  • TaskEnhance user experience by adding new features and improving existing functionalities
  • Key ResultIncrease user reviews by 20% through targeted campaigns and incentivized prompts
  • TaskUse social media platforms to highlight positive user reviews and encourage others to share their experiences
  • TaskCreate personalized email campaigns to request user reviews with compelling copy and visuals
  • TaskOffer exclusive incentives, such as discounts or freebies, for users who leave reviews
  • TaskImplement in-app prompts at strategic moments to remind and encourage users to submit reviews
  • Key ResultIncrease average app rating to 4.5 stars through user feedback and app improvements

OKRs to improve app user experience through personalized design processes

  • ObjectiveImprove app user experience through personalized design processes
  • Key ResultAchieve a customer satisfaction rating of 4.5+ out of 5 through personalized design improvements
  • TaskRegularly monitor customer satisfaction metrics to track progress towards achieving the target rating
  • TaskImplement personalized design changes based on individual customer preferences and needs
  • TaskConduct a detailed analysis of customer feedback to identify specific design improvement areas
  • TaskContinuously analyze customer feedback and make necessary adjustments to further enhance customer satisfaction
  • Key ResultReduce user churn rate by 15% by enhancing personalized interactions and features
  • TaskImplement a comprehensive user feedback system to identify pain points and areas of improvement
  • TaskRegularly analyze user data to identify patterns and preferences for targeted personalized interactions
  • TaskContinuously optimize and update features based on user feedback and behavior analysis
  • TaskDevelop and incorporate personalized recommendations to enhance user experience and engagement
  • Key ResultIncrease average user session duration by 10% via tailored and intuitive app experiences
  • Key ResultIncrease user engagement by 20% through personalized app experiences

OKRs to mobile and QR code integration

    OKRs to successfully transition to platform x with an upgraded redemption flow

    • ObjectiveSuccessfully transition to platform x with an upgraded redemption flow
    • Key ResultEnsure the enhanced redemption flow's successful implementation and error-free operation
    • TaskMonitor system regularly to identify and fix errors
    • TaskReview and approve enhanced redemption flow design
    • TaskConduct rigorous testing prior to implementation
    • Key ResultDeliver a 15% increase in user satisfaction with the new redemption flow
    • TaskConduct user testing to identify pain points in the current redemption flow
    • TaskMonitor feedback and make necessary adjustments post-implementation
    • TaskImplement changes based on user feedback and industry best practices
    • Key ResultComplete the migration of the current system to platform x
    • TaskInstall and configure platform x
    • TaskTransfer data and test functionalities
    • TaskIdentify key functionalities in the current system

    OKRs to improve search results page functionality based on device id

    • ObjectiveImprove search results page functionality based on device id
    • Key ResultReduce the number of broken links on the search results page by 50%
    • Key ResultImplement responsive design for the search page to ensure optimal display across all device ids
    • TaskIdentify and address any design elements that are not responsive
    • TaskModify the search page layout to adapt to different screen sizes
    • TaskTest and validate the responsive design on various devices for optimal display
    • TaskConduct a thorough analysis of the current search page design
    • Key ResultIncrease search page loading speed by 30% for all device ids
    • TaskOptimize image sizes and formats to reduce loading time
    • TaskEnable browser caching to store and retrieve frequently accessed resources
    • TaskImplement lazy loading for non-critical resources to prioritize initial page rendering
    • TaskMinify CSS and JS files to decrease page load size
    • Key ResultAchieve a user satisfaction score of at least 4 out of 5 on the fixed search results page

    OKRs to launch user-friendly and engaging new B2B website

    • ObjectiveLaunch user-friendly and engaging new B2B website
    • Key ResultSecure 1,000+ active user accounts within the first two weeks post-launch
    • TaskOrganize an attractive launch event for potential users
    • TaskOffer incentives for early sign-ups and referrals
    • TaskImplement a targeted online advertising campaign
    • Key ResultGuarantee 98% uptime throughout the post-launch stabilization period
    • TaskEstablish a dedicated team for quick issue resolution
    • TaskImplement continuous system monitoring and issue detection tools
    • TaskRegularly verify and update disaster recovery plans
    • Key ResultAchieve a user satisfaction score of 90% in usability testing
    • TaskImplement improvements based on user feedback swiftly
    • TaskRegularly conduct and analyze user testing feedback
    • TaskTrain staff in user-centered design principles and practices

    OKRs to get first 10 users

      OKRs to develop a compelling game that engages and captivates players

      • ObjectiveDevelop a compelling game that engages and captivates players
      • Key ResultDevelop a functional prototype of the game with polished graphics and intuitive controls
      • TaskImplement and refine intuitive controls based on user experience and usability testing
      • TaskIterate on the game design based on user feedback and playtesting results
      • TaskConduct user testing to identify any issues with the game controls
      • TaskCollaborate with an artist to create high-quality graphics for the game prototype
      • Key ResultConduct user research to identify target audience preferences and game themes
      • TaskDevelop a survey to gather user feedback on preferred game themes
      • TaskUse findings to inform game theme selection and prioritize target audience preferences
      • TaskConduct interviews with target audience members to understand their preferences
      • TaskAnalyze user research data to identify common themes and preferences
      • Key ResultConduct playtesting sessions to gather feedback and iterate on the game design
      • Key ResultCreate a detailed game design document outlining gameplay mechanics, levels, and objectives
      • TaskOutline basic gameplay mechanics that will define the core experience of the game
      • TaskCreate clear and specific objectives for each level, ensuring they align with gameplay mechanics
      • TaskDesign a series of diverse levels that challenge and engage players
      • TaskResearch popular gameplay mechanics, level design techniques, and objective structures

      OKRs to enhance user login experience and integration with Auth0

      • ObjectiveEnhance user login experience and integration with Auth0
      • Key ResultIncrease UI uplift completion by 50% to align with Auth0 standards
      • TaskProvide comprehensive training on UI uplift process to relevant teams
      • TaskRevise UI uplift process documentation to incorporate Auth0 standards
      • TaskImplement regular feedback loops and quality checks for UI uplift completion
      • TaskCollaborate with UI designers to optimize UI uplift workflows and streamline processes
      • Key ResultReduce average login time by 20% through optimized UI and API assets
      • TaskConduct a UI/UX audit to identify bottlenecks and improve login flow
      • TaskOptimize API assets to reduce response time for faster login experience
      • TaskRegularly monitor and analyze login metrics to track progress and identify further optimizations
      • TaskImplement streamlined authentication process with simplified user interface design
      • Key ResultIncrease user satisfaction by achieving a minimum rating of 4.5 out of 5 in login experience feedback
      • Key ResultImprove API integration with Auth0 by achieving a 95% success rate in authentication requests
      • TaskImplement appropriate error handling mechanisms to provide clear feedback to users
      • TaskRegularly monitor authentication success rates and analyze data to identify areas for improvement
      • TaskConduct thorough testing of API integration with Auth0 to identify and resolve any issues
      • TaskInvestigate and address common error messages encountered during authentication requests

      OKRs to launch engaging, user-friendly website

      • ObjectiveLaunch engaging, user-friendly website
      • Key ResultIncrease site usability score by 30% through UX-focused improvements
      • TaskRegularly track usability score and revise improvements
      • TaskPrioritize and implement user-friendly design changes
      • TaskConduct user testing to identify existing usability issues
      • Key ResultAttract 15% more unique visitors through enhanced SEO tactics
      • TaskImprove website loading speed and mobile compatibility for user satisfaction
      • TaskDevelop a detailed keyword strategy based on market trends and customer needs
      • TaskCreate high-quality, keyword-rich content that caters to user queries
      • Key ResultAchieve a bounce rate reduction of 20% via interactive contents
      • TaskDevelop interactive infographics and videos to engage users
      • TaskImprove website's navigation and user experience design
      • TaskIncorporate quizzes, polls, and surveys into website content

      OKRs to enhance usability of our product

      • ObjectiveEnhance usability of our product
      • Key ResultIncrease user activity duration by 10% indicating improved product usability
      • TaskOffer tutorials or guides to help users understand product functionality better
      • TaskImplement user-friendly features based on customer feedback and suggestions
      • TaskRegularly update user interface for easier navigation and accessibility
      • Key ResultImprove in-app guidance to achieve 25% reduction in support queries
      • TaskUpdate frequently asked questions within the app
      • TaskImplement more comprehensive in-app tutorials
      • TaskSimplify app navigation and instructions
      • Key ResultReduce user reported usability issues by 15%
      • TaskImplement regular user experience testing
      • TaskDevelop system for feedback collection and resolution
      • TaskTrain team on best UI/UX practices

      OKRs to enhance software and component quality

      • ObjectiveEnhance software and component quality
      • Key ResultExecute 100% of planned quality assurance tests to identify and fix bugs
      • TaskAnalyze test results and correct identified bugs
      • TaskConduct all preassigned tests thoroughly
      • TaskReview the lineup of planned quality assurance tests
      • Key ResultIncrease user satisfaction by improving software usability by 20%
      • TaskImplement improvements based on user feedback
      • TaskIdentify user pain points through feedback surveys
      • TaskContinuously test software for user experience enhancements
      • Key ResultDecrease software component's failure rate by 15%
      • TaskConduct regular maintenance and updates to improve stability
      • TaskEmploy advanced debugging tools to spot and fix errors
      • TaskImplement rigorous software component testing at varying stress levels

      OKRs to increase Ad Ranks by Optimizing User Intent Matching

      • ObjectiveIncrease Ad Ranks by Optimizing User Intent Matching
      • Key ResultReduce bounce rate by 20% through landing page optimization and improved user experience
      • TaskConduct A/B testing to identify and refine compelling headlines, copy, and call-to-action elements
      • TaskOptimize landing page loading speed by compressing images and enabling browser caching
      • TaskImplement user feedback surveys and heatmap analysis to identify usability issues and areas for improvement
      • TaskAnalyze landing page design and simplify layout to enhance user navigation
      • Key ResultAchieve a conversion rate uplift of 12% by aligning landing page content with user intent
      • TaskEnhance visual elements and layout of the landing page to improve user experience
      • TaskRevise landing page headlines and copy to clearly address user needs and desires
      • TaskImplement A/B testing to evaluate the impact of content adjustments on conversion rate
      • TaskConduct a thorough analysis of user intent and behavior on the landing page
      • Key ResultIncrease click-through rate (CTR) by 10% through compelling ad copy and call-to-action
      • Key ResultImprove relevance score of ads by 15% through keyword analysis and optimization

      OKRs to enhance app experience through the implementation of product design best practices

      • ObjectiveEnhance app experience through the implementation of product design best practices
      • Key ResultReduce app bounce rate by 15% by optimizing loading speeds and intuitive navigation
      • Key ResultIncrease user satisfaction rating by 10% through UI/UX improvements
      • TaskAnalyze user satisfaction data regularly to identify trends and prioritize future UI/UX enhancements
      • TaskConduct user research to identify pain points and areas for improvement
      • TaskImplement user feedback loop to continuously gather insights and address user concerns promptly
      • TaskCollaborate with UI/UX designers to enhance visual appeal and streamline navigation
      • Key ResultAchieve 20% increase in daily active users by simplifying onboarding and feature accessibility
      • Key ResultEnhance conversion rate by 10% through A/B testing and iterative design iterations

      OKRs to boost website conversion rate to 1%

      • ObjectiveBoost website conversion rate to 1%
      • Key ResultDevelop and launch a targeted marketing campaign to drive 25% more traffic
      • TaskConduct market research to identify target audience behavior and preferences
      • TaskDevelop compelling content and marketing materials tailored to target audience
      • TaskLaunch the campaign using selected media outlets and digital platforms
      • Key ResultImprove site layout and user experience to increase user engagement by 20%
      • TaskImplement responsive web design for optimal viewing across devices
      • TaskDevelop intuitive navigation and clear call-to-action signs
      • TaskConduct user surveys to identify usability problems and areas for improvement
      • Key ResultImplement A/B testing to optimize conversion-driving elements, improving conversions by 15%
      • TaskSet up A/B testing for these identified elements
      • TaskAnalyze results and apply successful changes
      • TaskIdentify key elements impacting user conversion rates

      OKRs to enhance audience nurturing for improved policy acquisition

      • ObjectiveEnhance audience nurturing for improved policy acquisition
      • Key ResultIncrease the quote-to-policy conversion rate by 20% through audience nurturing efforts
      • TaskEnhance user experience on conversion platforms
      • TaskImplement a personalized email follow-up strategy
      • TaskDevelop a targeted content marketing plan
      • Key ResultDevelop and implement at least two new nurturing strategies or campaigns
      • TaskDevise two unique nurturing campaign plans
      • TaskLaunch and monitor campaign effectiveness regularly
      • TaskResearch current market trends and effective nurturing strategies
      • Key ResultReduce the time from quote to policy purchase by 15% with nurturing touchpoints
      • TaskDevelop quick, user-friendly online purchasing system
      • TaskImplement automated follow-up emails after quote
      • TaskProvide informational content about policies regularly

      OKRs to reduce app loading time by 20%

      • ObjectiveImprove app loading time
      • Key ResultIdentify key performance bottlenecks
      • Key ResultConduct app performance analysis
      • Key ResultImplement code optimization techniques
      • Key ResultTest app performance after optimizations

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