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Writing mission statements that your team will rally around

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6 Tips for OKR Implementation from the Sharpest Experts we know

Some top advice from OKR experts & consultants for companies about to embark on the journey of OKRs.

OKRs are about Culture and Change

OKRs are deceptively simple. Reading a book or watching a video may make it sound easy. However, its not a simple plug-n-play approach. Implementing OKRs is about creating the right culture and ecosystem for OKRs to thrive. It’s about a new agile leadership mindset that allows people to show up feeling empowered to make this change.

5 resources for outcome-driven teams

There are a few documents that are key to create a culture where outcomes are at the center. Quite often, it simply boils down to extract existing knowledge in a structured way.

5 must-have rituals for Product teams

A lot of meetings could be replaced by emails, but there are a few must-have rituals that will drastically improve collaboration.

Cascading OKRs is bad for startups

Startups need to be focused and flexible. OKRs can help a lot with the former, but they'll quickly stiffen your team if you start cascading your goals.

The Mindset of Outcome-Driven Teams

You can't just throw OKRs in a spreadsheet and expect your team to be outcome-driven. You need first to get the right culture to create an environment where teams can iterate to reach their goals.



Measure What Matters

John Doerr

Measure What Matters is probably the most popular book on OKRs. It's a great read to understand the motivation behind the OKRs framework.

Radical Focus

Christina Wodtke

Radical Focus is an excellent book to learn how to adopt OKRs in a simple and practical manner with your team.

OKRs for Startups


A 4 stage guide to adopt the Objective and Key Results framework in your organization.

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