OKR template to boost the billability rate of employees to 95%

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

The OKR seeks to increase the percentage of billable time of employees to 95%. One key strategy to achieve this is by reducing non-productive time by 15%, through the implementation of a time-tracking software. This includes training employees on how to use the software, researching the best options, and regular evaluation of its effectiveness.

Another objective aims at reducing non-billable task assignments by 20% through strategic delegation. The initiatives for this outcome involve implementing a strict task monitoring system, training staff on effective task delegation, and evaluating current methods to identify and rectify efficiency problems.

The third objective focuses on increasing productivity and thus billable time through productivity boosting training sessions. It endeavors to increase billable hours by minimum 10% via those training. The initiatives for this outcome involve constant monitoring and measuring of training effectiveness, identifying appropriate training programs, and allocating resources and schedules for the training.

Overall, the OKR aims at optimizing the profits and efficiency of the company by improving the billability rate of the employees. This is done primarily through employee training, workflow improvement, and time management software implementation.
  • ObjectiveBoost the billability rate of employees to 95%
  • Key ResultImplement a time-tracking software to reduce unproductive time by 15%
  • TaskTrain all employees on how to use this software
  • TaskResearch and select a suitable time-tracking software
  • TaskMonitor and evaluate the software's effectiveness regularly
  • Key ResultReduce non-billable task assignments by 20% through efficient delegation strategy
  • TaskImplement a strict task monitoring system
  • TaskTrain staff on effective task delegation strategies
  • TaskAnalyze current delegation methods for efficiency problems
  • Key ResultProvide productivity boosting training to achieve at least 10% more billable hours
  • TaskMonitor and measure training effectiveness
  • TaskIdentify relevant productivity boosting training programs
  • TaskAllocate resources and schedule training for team
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