OKR template to improve CX across the agency

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The OKR aims to make a comprehensive improvement in customer experience (CX) across the company. The primary objective is to reduce the average response time for customer queries by 20%. This goal can be achieved by implementing a ticketing system, analytically detecting and resolving bottlenecks, training the customer service team, and streamlining internal processes.

The next objective is to hone employees’ communication skills through targeted and ongoing training programs. This initiative involves providing support resources like online courses, developing training modules, assessing skill areas that need enhancement, and organizing workshops for practical communication exercises.

The achievement of a high Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 9 or above is the third objective of the OKR. This agenda involves meticulously analyzing client feedback, kickstarting a customer loyalty program, regular NPS surveys, and amplifying the quality of customer service training to strengthen client relationships.

The final objective is to amplify customer satisfaction scores by 10% through frequent feedback surveys. The action initiated includes periodically sending out feedback surveys, creating a concise online survey with targeted questions, optimizing processes based on customer feedback, and developing a system to effectively analyze and track this data.
  • ObjectiveImprove CX across the agency
  • Key ResultReduce average response time to customer inquiries by 20%
  • TaskImplement a ticketing system to track customer inquiries and responses
  • TaskRegularly analyze response data to identify bottlenecks and implement necessary improvements
  • TaskTrain customer support team on effective communication and problem-solving skills
  • TaskStreamline internal processes to minimize handoffs and improve response efficiency
  • Key ResultImplement a new training program to enhance employee communication skills
  • TaskProvide ongoing support and resources such as online courses or mentors to reinforce and enhance communication skills
  • TaskDevelop customized training modules targeting identified areas of weakness in communication skills
  • TaskIdentify areas of weakness in employee communication skills through assessments and evaluations
  • TaskSchedule and facilitate interactive workshops and role-playing exercises to practice effective communication techniques
  • Key ResultAchieve a Net Promoter Score of 9 or above from client feedback
  • TaskAnalyze client feedback to identify areas for improvement and determine specific action plans
  • TaskEstablish a customer loyalty program to incentivize and reward clients for their continued support
  • TaskImplement regular NPS surveys to gather client feedback on a continuous basis
  • TaskEnhance customer service training program to improve communication and relationship-building skills
  • Key ResultIncrease customer satisfaction ratings by 10% through regular feedback surveys
  • TaskRegularly send out the feedback survey to all customers after their interactions
  • TaskCreate a short and simple online feedback survey with targeted questions
  • TaskUse the insights gained from feedback surveys to make necessary improvements and adjustments
  • TaskImplement a system to analyze and track customer feedback data efficiently
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