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The primary objective of the OKR is to enhance the product's usability. Metrics for gauging success include a 10% increase in user activity duration, representing improved usability. Initiatives to achieve this goal comprise tutorials, implementation of user-friendly features based on customer feedback, and consistent updates to the user interface.

Another goal is to improve in-app guidance, aiming for a 25% decrease in support queries. Updates to frequently asked question, more comprehensive in-app tutorials and simplification of app navigation and instructions are outlined as the means to achieve this.

The third goal of this OKR is to reduce user-reported usability issues by 15%. Regular user experience testing, a robust system for feedback collection and resolution, and further team training on UI/UX practices are initiatives to tackle this target.

Overall, the OKR emphasizes enhancing the product usability by improving user engagement, reducing support queries, and minimizing user-reported issues. Its initiatives include upgrades in the user interface, in-app content, feedback resolution system, and team training.
  • ObjectiveEnhance usability of our product
  • Key ResultIncrease user activity duration by 10% indicating improved product usability
  • TaskOffer tutorials or guides to help users understand product functionality better
  • TaskImplement user-friendly features based on customer feedback and suggestions
  • TaskRegularly update user interface for easier navigation and accessibility
  • Key ResultImprove in-app guidance to achieve 25% reduction in support queries
  • TaskUpdate frequently asked questions within the app
  • TaskImplement more comprehensive in-app tutorials
  • TaskSimplify app navigation and instructions
  • Key ResultReduce user reported usability issues by 15%
  • TaskImplement regular user experience testing
  • TaskDevelop system for feedback collection and resolution
  • TaskTrain team on best UI/UX practices
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