OKR template to elevate the quality and impact of design solutions

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The OKR focuses on raising the standard and influence of design solutions. It aims to receive positive responses on design enhancements from 90% of project stakeholders. A survey will be conducted to gather feedback and then relevant design improvements will be implemented considering the feedback.

The second objective is to devise and apply extensive brand guidelines across three different projects. The initiatives leading to this outcome involve development of brand guidelines reflecting company values and aesthetics, applying these guidelines on every project, and assigning the guidelines specifically to three projects.

The third objective is to make a 15% improvement in user experience scores across all projects. This will be achieved by training staff in advanced UX/UI design principles, taking user feedback for continuous product improvement, and frequently testing and optimizing website speed and responsiveness.

The OKR emphasizes on constantly improving design solutions based on stakeholder feedback and user experience, and ensuring the guidelines created are in tandem with company's values and aesthetics and are effectively applied across all projects.
  • ObjectiveElevate the quality and impact of design solutions
  • Key ResultSecure positive feedback on design improvements from 90% of project stakeholders
  • TaskCreate a stakeholder survey to collect feedback on improvements
  • TaskImplement design improvements based on stakeholder feedback
  • TaskDiscuss feedback results with stakeholders, making necessary adjustments
  • Key ResultComplete and apply comprehensive brand guidelines to at least 3 projects
  • TaskDevelop comprehensive brand guidelines based on company values and aesthetics
  • TaskIncorporate and apply brand guidelines to each project
  • TaskAssign the guidelines to three specific projects
  • Key ResultAchieve a 15% improvement in user experience scores for all projects
  • TaskTrain staff in advanced UX/UI design principles
  • TaskImplement user feedback for continuous product improvement
  • TaskRegularly test and optimize website speed and responsiveness
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