OKR template to improve the overall client experience

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

The OKR revolves around the overarching goal of enhancing client experiences. One objective is to boost client satisfaction scores by 20% through effective communication protocols like staff training, regular check-ins, and implementing better feedback systems.

The second objective involves implementing three new client-requested features to improve the product's user-friendliness. This includes reviewing feedback for desirable features, prioritizing usability during development, and integrating the new features into the product upon testing.

The third objective is to reduce support response time by 30% so as to foster better interactions with the clients. The initiatives to achieve this include having a live chat for instant aid, offering additional training to support staff, and using automated responses for frequently asked questions.

In summary, this OKR involves steps to improve communication, increase client satisfaction, enhance product usability based on feedback, and expedite support responses to clients.
  • ObjectiveImprove the overall client experience
  • Key ResultIncrease client satisfaction score by 20% through effective communication strategies
  • TaskTrain staff on effective communication and people skills
  • TaskInitiate proactive and regular check-in calls with clients
  • TaskImplement regular client feedback and assessment systems
  • Key ResultImplement 3 new features based on client feedback to boost usability
  • TaskReview client feedback for feature suggestions
  • TaskDevelop 3 new features prioritizing usability
  • TaskTest and integrate the new features into the product
  • Key ResultDecrease support response time by 30% to enhance client interactions
  • TaskImplement a live chat feature for instant customer assistance
  • TaskProvide additional training to support staff
  • TaskUtilize automated responses for commonly asked questions
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