OKR template to improve your writing skills

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Here's a personal OKR to help you get better at writing. You'll find objectives, key results, but also some initiatives to help you achieve your KR.

  • ObjectiveImprove my writing skills
  • Key ResultIncrease the average time spent writing from 1h to 4h/week
  • Key ResultIncrease the number of words published per week from 250 to 1,500 words
  • Key ResultIncrease the accuracy of spelling and grammar in written work by 20%
  • TaskImplement a system for feedback and follow-up on errors.
  • TaskUtilize a spell-check tool for all documents.
  • TaskEstablish an internal style guide for written work.
  • TaskHave a colleague or supervisor review all written work.
  • Key ResultIncrease the average rating of written pieces by 1 star
  • TaskCreate action plans to improve the quality of written pieces.
  • TaskIdentify areas of improvement based on survey feedback.
  • TaskMonitor progress and adjust plans as needed.
  • TaskConduct a survey to understand why pieces are rated lower than expected.
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