OKR template to boost online course sales by 20%

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

The main goal of this OKR is to enhance online course sales by 20%. This will be achieved using three key objectives, beginning with a 15% increase in website traffic through enhanced SEO optimization and consistent generation of high-quality blog content.

The second objective is the development and execution of two custom marketing campaigns targeted at specific customer segments. Identification of the segments for each marketing campaign is an essential initiative, alongside the development of these campaigns which will be monitored closely.

The third focus is a tweet to the course landing page design to enable an increase in conversion rates by 10%. The strategy involves implementing both A/B testing to identify the most effective design and recruiting a professional web designer to revamp the page.

This third objective also includes the strategy to harness the power of social proof by incorporating customer testimonials to the landing page, boosting credibility and influencing purchase decisions among potential customers.
  • ObjectiveBoost online course sales by 20%
  • Key ResultIncrease website traffic by 15% through SEO optimization and content marketing
  • TaskImplement effective backlink strategies to improve website ranking
  • TaskGenerate high-quality, relevant blog posts regularly
  • TaskUpdate website with SEO-optimized keywords and meta descriptions
  • Key ResultDevelop and implement 2 new marketing campaigns targeting specific customer segments
  • TaskIdentify two customer segments for targeted marketing
  • TaskDevelop unique marketing campaigns for these segments
  • TaskImplement and monitor these campaigns closely
  • Key ResultImprove conversion rates by 10% by enhancing the course landing page layout
  • TaskImplement A/B testing to identify effective page designs
  • TaskRecruit a web designer to redesign the page
  • TaskIncorporate customer testimonials onto landing page
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