OKR template to boost the volume of organic traffic to our website

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This OKR aims to boost the amount of organic traffic to our website. The primary objective is a 25% increase in search engine ranking for top keywords, accomplished through strategic content optimization, utilization of high-authority backlinks, and continuous monitoring of SEO strategies.

Another outcome is the creation and publication of 50 SEO-optimized articles. Initiatives include writing, researching industry-related keywords for SEO, and sharing these articles on relevant platforms. By focusing on creating tailored content, we aim to increase our visibility and engagement.

To reduce the bounce rate by 15%, we plan to enhance website UI/UX. Measures include implementing a feedback system for better understanding of user experience, revamping the layout for intuitive navigation, and incorporating appealing visuals and engaging content. These improvements aim to retain visitors and turn them into leads.

Achieving these OKRs increases our online visibility and customer engagement by boosting organic traffic to our website through SEO optimization and a better user interface.
  • ObjectiveBoost the volume of organic traffic to our website
  • Key ResultAchieve a 25% increase in website search engine ranking for top 5 keywords
  • TaskOptimize website content using top 5 keywords effectively
  • TaskUtilize backlinks from high authority websites
  • TaskContinually monitor and adjust SEO strategies
  • Key ResultCreate and publish 50 SEO-optimized articles related to our industry
  • TaskWrite and optimize 50 industry-related articles
  • TaskResearch industry-related keywords for SEO purposes
  • TaskPublish and share articles on relevant platforms
  • Key ResultImprove bounce rate by 15% through improved website UI/UX
  • TaskImplement feedback system to understand user experience
  • TaskRevamp website layout for intuitive navigation and ease of use
  • TaskIncorporate appealing visuals and simplified, engaging content
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