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15 OKR examples for Marketing Strategist

What are Marketing Strategist OKRs?

The Objective and Key Results (OKR) framework is a simple goal-setting methodology that was introduced at Intel by Andy Grove in the 70s. It became popular after John Doerr introduced it to Google in the 90s, and it's now used by teams of all sizes to set and track ambitious goals at scale.

How you write your OKRs can make a huge difference on the impact that your team will have at the end of the quarter. But, it's not always easy to write a quarterly plan that focuses on outcomes instead of projects.

That's why we have created a list of OKRs examples for Marketing Strategist to help. You can use any of the templates below as a starting point to write your own goals.

If you want to learn more about the framework, you can read our OKR guide online.

Our Marketing Strategist OKRs examples

You will find in the next section many different Marketing Strategist Objectives and Key Results. We've included strategic initiatives in our templates to give you a better idea of the different between the key results (how we measure progress), and the initiatives (what we do to achieve the results).

Hope you'll find this helpful!

OKRs to enhance the effectiveness of our marketing strategy

  • ObjectiveEnhance the effectiveness of our marketing strategy
  • Key ResultImprove email marketing open rates by 30%
  • TaskTest various email send times for maximum visibility
  • TaskSegment email list for personalized content delivery
  • TaskOptimize email subject lines for relevancy and engagement
  • Key ResultDrive website traffic up by 25%
  • TaskDevelop sponsored content or collaborations with related influential blogs
  • TaskUtilize social media platforms for promotion and link sharing
  • TaskImplement SEO techniques to improve site visibility in search engine results
  • Key ResultIncrease social media engagement by 40%
  • TaskLaunch a weekly interactive quiz or contest on all platforms
  • TaskInitiate collaborations with relevant influencers or brand ambassadors
  • TaskRegularly post shareable, high-quality content relative to your audience

OKRs to enhance triggering and conversion rates through effective marketing strategies

  • ObjectiveEnhance triggering and conversion rates through effective marketing strategies
  • Key ResultElevate conversion rates by 10% via optimizing the website's landing page
  • TaskImprove loading speed of the landing page
  • TaskCreate engaging, relevant content for the audience
  • TaskConduct A/B testing on various landing page designs
  • Key ResultBoost social media engagement by 30% through regular, quality content posting
  • TaskDevelop engaging, relevant content that encourages interaction
  • TaskCreate a consistent posting schedule for all social media platforms
  • TaskImplement promotional strategies to increase post visibility
  • Key ResultIncrease the Open Rate of marketing emails by 25%
  • TaskSegment email list for targeted, personalized content
  • TaskTest different sending times and days
  • TaskImprove subject lines to be more enticing and relevant

OKRs to enhance knowledge on marketing and branding for B2B SaaS product optimization

  • ObjectiveEnhance knowledge on marketing and branding for B2B SaaS product optimization
  • Key ResultImprove trial-to-subscription conversion rate by 20% through marketing strategies
  • TaskImplement personalized email marketing campaigns
  • TaskRun targeted social media promotions
  • TaskEnhance product sign-up and onboarding process
  • Key ResultIncrease brand awareness, achieving 15% growth in organic website traffic
  • TaskDevelop engaging social media campaigns
  • TaskCollaborate with influencers for product promotion
  • TaskImplement SEO strategies to improve search engine rankings
  • Key ResultComplete three practical marketing and branding courses focused on B2B SaaS
  • TaskConsistently participate and complete the chosen courses
  • TaskEnroll in three selected marketing and branding courses
  • TaskResearch reputable online platforms offering B2B SaaS marketing courses

OKRs to boost email's contribution to total revenue

  • ObjectiveBoost email's contribution to total revenue
  • Key ResultIncrease email subscription rate by 25%
  • TaskImprove newsletter content to add value for subscribers
  • TaskImplement compelling, clear call-to-actions on website
  • TaskOffer exclusive benefits to email subscribers
  • Key ResultAugment click-through rates from email campaigns by 30%
  • TaskIncorporate strong, clear calls to action in emails
  • TaskPersonalize email content based on recipient's preferences
  • TaskImprove subject lines to increase email open rates
  • Key ResultEnhance conversion rates from email referrals by 15%
  • TaskOptimize referral emails' content and design
  • TaskImplement personalized email marketing strategies
  • TaskAnalyze success metrics, adjust strategies accordingly

OKRs to stay informed on influencer trends and social media hype

  • ObjectiveStay informed on influencer trends and social media hype
  • Key ResultRead 10 reputable digital marketing publications daily for the latest social media hype
  • TaskAllocate time daily to read these publications
  • TaskIdentify 10 reputable digital marketing publications
  • TaskMonitor latest trends in social media hype
  • Key ResultFollow and analyze 20 new influencers each week for trend observations
  • TaskAnalyze and document observed trends for reporting
  • TaskRigorously follow their content daily for trend spotting
  • TaskIdentify 20 new influencers relevant to your field weekly
  • Key ResultCompile a weekly report of top 5 recurring trends in the influencer marketplace
  • TaskAnalyze data and identify top 5 recurring weekly trends
  • TaskDaily, track global influencers activities and note recurring trends
  • TaskDraft a report summarizing these top 5 trends

OKRs to scale product offering with multi-tenant apps

  • ObjectiveScale product offering with multi-tenant apps
  • Key ResultLaunch 3 new multi-tenant apps to diversify our offer
  • TaskIdentify potential markets for multi-tenant app development
  • TaskStrategize a marketing plan for newly developed apps
  • TaskAssemble a dedicated project team for app creation
  • Key ResultIncrease customer base using multi-tenant apps by 25%
  • TaskImplement referral programs to incentivize app sharing
  • TaskLaunch marketing campaigns to promote new multi-tenant apps
  • TaskDevelop multi-tenant apps targeting untapped audience segments
  • Key ResultImprove the usage rate of multi-tenant apps by 20%
  • TaskImplement user-friendly guided tours within the app
  • TaskProvide timely support and efficient problem resolution
  • TaskLaunch marketing campaigns highlighting app benefits

OKRs to get first 10 users

    OKRs to conduct comprehensive market intelligence on competitors

    • ObjectiveConduct comprehensive market intelligence on competitors
    • Key ResultAnalyze 10 competitors' product and service offerings
    • TaskIdentify 10 competitors in the market
    • TaskPerform a detailed analysis comparing competitors' offerings
    • TaskResearch and list each competitor's products and services
    • Key ResultIdentify at least 20 key competitors in the market
    • TaskList all known competitors in your business sector
    • TaskResearch unknown competitors through market analysis
    • TaskCompile a list of 20 main competitors
    • Key ResultUnderstand the marketing strategies of at least 12 competitors
    • TaskIdentify 12 key competitors in your business sector
    • TaskGather data on each competitor's marketing approach
    • TaskAnalyze and contrast each competitor's marketing strategies
    • Key ResultDocument and interpret 15 competitors' pricing strategies
    • TaskObtain detailed information on each competitor's pricing strategy
    • TaskAnalyze and interpret obtained pricing data
    • TaskIdentify and list 15 primary competitors in the market

    OKRs to increase online community subscriptions for startups

    • ObjectiveIncrease online community subscriptions for startups
    • Key ResultAchieve a 20% increase in the overall number of startups subscribed
    • TaskOffer incentives or discounts to existing customers for referring new startups to subscribe
    • TaskImprove and optimize the onboarding process to increase conversion rates for new subscriptions
    • TaskDevelop and implement targeted marketing campaigns to attract new startup subscribers
    • TaskConduct market research to identify potential target audience for startup subscriptions
    • Key ResultIncrease user engagement by 15% to encourage startups to stay subscribed
    • TaskImprove onboarding experience with a guided tutorial showcasing key features
    • TaskProvide regular surveys or feedback forms to gather insights on user needs and preferences
    • TaskSend personalized emails with helpful tips and success stories to inspire startups
    • TaskCreate an online community for startups to share experiences and network with peers
    • Key ResultGenerate 50% more leads through targeted marketing campaigns
    • TaskImplement lead nurturing campaigns using email marketing automation to engage and convert leads
    • TaskOptimize landing pages with clear call-to-actions and forms to capture leads effectively
    • TaskIdentify target audience demographics and develop personalized marketing messages for each segment
    • TaskAnalyze campaign performance data regularly to identify areas of improvement and adjust strategies
    • Key ResultImprove website conversion rate by 10% to attract more startups
    • TaskUtilize remarketing strategies to re-engage with potential startup customers and drive conversions
    • TaskImplement A/B testing for different call-to-action buttons and optimize based on performance
    • TaskOptimize landing page design and content to increase user engagement and conversion
    • TaskEnhance website loading speed to reduce bounce rate and improve user experience

    OKRs to establish a consulting business

    • ObjectiveEstablish a consulting business
    • Key ResultAttain a net profit margin of 25% or higher
    • TaskIncrease sales revenue through targeted marketing campaigns and customer acquisition strategies
    • TaskAnalyze pricing structures and adjust product or service pricing to maximize profitability
    • TaskStreamline business operations to reduce overhead costs and improve efficiency
    • TaskImplement cost-cutting measures and negotiate better supplier contracts to boost net profit margin
    • Key ResultDevelop and implement a marketing strategy to generate consistent leads
    • TaskImplement email marketing campaigns to nurture leads and drive conversions
    • TaskCreate engaging content and optimize website for search engine visibility
    • TaskConduct market research to identify target audience and their preferences
    • TaskUtilize social media platforms to reach and engage with potential leads
    • Key ResultSecure at least 3 clients within the target industry
    • TaskDevelop a compelling value proposition to effectively pitch to potential clients
    • TaskIdentify potential clients within the target industry through market research
    • TaskOffer a limited-time discount or incentive to encourage clients to sign up
    • TaskReach out to potential clients through personalized emails or phone calls
    • Key ResultAchieve a 90% satisfaction rate in client feedback surveys
    • TaskStreamline survey process for clients
    • TaskImplement necessary changes based on client feedback to improve overall satisfaction
    • TaskIdentify and address common issues highlighted in client feedback
    • TaskActively seek feedback from clients through various channels

    OKRs to increase transaction volume

    • ObjectiveIncrease transaction volume
    • Key ResultEnhance customer retention by 3%
    • Key ResultIncrease customer acquisition by 5%
    • TaskLaunch targeted advertising campaigns to reach a wider audience
    • TaskImplement referral programs to incentivize current customers to refer others
    • TaskOffer exclusive promotions and discounts to attract new customers
    • TaskImprove website design and usability for better customer experience
    • Key ResultExpand product awareness by reaching 10,000 additional potential customers
    • TaskHost virtual webinars or workshops to educate and engage with potential customers
    • TaskRun targeted social media ads to promote the product to new potential customers
    • TaskUtilize search engine optimization techniques to increase organic reach and visibility
    • TaskCollaborate with influencers to create sponsored content showcasing the product's benefits
    • Key ResultImprove conversion rate by 2%
    • TaskCreate compelling and concise call-to-action buttons and messaging
    • TaskAnalyze user feedback and make necessary improvements to enhance user experience
    • TaskImplement A/B testing to determine most effective design and content variations
    • TaskOptimize website layout and navigation for easier user flow

    OKRs to boost community membership and customer conversion

    • ObjectiveBoost community membership and customer conversion
    • Key ResultInitiate a referral program and achieve 50% membership via referrals
    • TaskRegularly analyze and adjust strategy based on referral rates
    • TaskImplement a persuasive marketing campaign to promote referrals
    • TaskDevelop an enticing referral program centered on customer rewards
    • Key ResultConvert 15% of new members into customers through targeted email marketing
    • TaskDevelop personalized email marketing campaigns
    • TaskTrack and analyze customer conversion rates
    • TaskIdentify member preferences for targeted emails
    • Key ResultIncrease website traffic by 30% through optimized SEO techniques
    • TaskEnhance site's loading speed and mobile responsiveness
    • TaskImplement keyword optimization throughout the website's content
    • TaskCreate quality backlinks to boost page rankings

    OKRs to boost the sales performance to reach 1.44 million

    • ObjectiveBoost the sales performance to reach 1.44 million
    • Key ResultAttract 10% more new customers through competitive pricing and advertising
    • TaskImplement customer referral incentives to drive growth
    • TaskResearch competitors' pricing to offer more attractive rates
    • TaskDevelop comprehensive advertising campaign targeting new customers
    • Key ResultImprove conversion rate by at least 5% via targeted marketing
    • TaskDevelop personalized customer journeys based on behavior
    • TaskImplement data tracking on marketing campaigns for improved targeting
    • TaskOptimize landing pages for better customer engagement
    • Key ResultLaunch a loyalty customer program to boost return customer rate by 8%
    • TaskTrain staff to promote the loyalty program effectively
    • TaskDesign a customer loyalty program with attractive benefits
    • TaskMonitor and adjust the program based on customer feedback

    OKRs to decrease user acquisition cost for our mobile app

    • ObjectiveDecrease user acquisition cost for our mobile app
    • Key ResultImprove advertisement click-through rate by 15% with targeted marketing campaigns
    • TaskMonitor, analyze, and optimize campaign performance regularly
    • TaskImplement targeted ad campaigns based on identified personas
    • TaskResearch customer behavior to create detailed audience personas
    • Key ResultReduce average acquisition cost per user by 25%
    • TaskIncrease targeting precision in ad campaigns
    • TaskAnalyze and optimize current marketing strategies
    • TaskEnhance the retention strategies for existing customers
    • Key ResultIncrease organic app downloads by 30% through app store optimization
    • TaskPromotion through positive user reviews and ratings
    • TaskDevelop compelling app descriptions and attractive icons
    • TaskConduct keyword research to improve app store search ranking

    OKRs to boost sales to achieve profitable standing

    • ObjectiveBoost sales to achieve profitable standing
    • Key ResultDecrease operational and production costs by 15% via optimization efforts
    • TaskReview and streamline production processes to eliminate inefficiencies
    • TaskImplement energy-saving measures to reduce utility bills
    • TaskNegotiate supplier contracts for better pricing
    • Key ResultIncrease total customer base by 30% to multiply potential sales points
    • TaskLaunch targeted promotional campaigns to attract new customers
    • TaskDevelop and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy
    • TaskStrengthen customer retention through improved after-sales support
    • Key ResultImprove sales conversion rates by 20% through enhanced marketing strategies
    • TaskCreate persuasive and engaging product descriptions
    • TaskDeploy targeted ad campaigns across different digital platforms
    • TaskDevelop a captivating unique selling proposition to attract potential customers

    Best practices for managing your Marketing Strategist OKRs

    Generally speaking, your objectives should be ambitious yet achievable, and your key results should be measurable and time-bound (using the SMART framework can be helpful). It is also recommended to list strategic initiatives under your key results, as it'll help you avoid the common mistake of listing projects in your KRs.

    Here are a couple of best practices extracted from our OKR implementation guide 👇

    Tip #1: Limit the number of key results

    Having too many OKRs is the #1 mistake that teams make when adopting the framework. The problem with tracking too many competing goals is that it will be hard for your team to know what really matters.

    We recommend having 3-4 objectives, and 3-4 key results per objective. A platform like Tability can run audits on your data to help you identify the plans that have too many goals.

    Tability Insights DashboardTability's audit dashboard will highlight opportunities to improve OKRs

    Tip #2: Commit to the weekly check-ins

    Setting good goals can be challenging, but without regular check-ins, your team will struggle to make progress. We recommend that you track your OKRs weekly to get the full benefits from the framework.

    Being able to see trends for your key results will also keep yourself honest.

    Tability Insights DashboardTability's check-ins will save you hours and increase transparency

    Tip #3: No more than 2 yellow statuses in a row

    Yes, this is another tip for goal-tracking instead of goal-setting (but you'll get plenty of OKR examples below). But, once you have your goals defined, it will be your ability to keep the right sense of urgency that will make the difference.

    As a rule of thumb, it's best to avoid having more than 2 yellow/at risk statuses in a row.

    Make a call on the 3rd update. You should be either back on track, or off track. This sounds harsh but it's the best way to signal risks early enough to fix things.

    Building your own Marketing Strategist OKRs with AI

    While we have some examples below, it's likely that you'll have specific scenarios that aren't covered here. There are 2 options available to you.

    Best way to track your Marketing Strategist OKRs

    Your quarterly OKRs should be tracked weekly in order to get all the benefits of the OKRs framework. Reviewing progress periodically has several advantages:

    • It brings the goals back to the top of the mind
    • It will highlight poorly set OKRs
    • It will surface execution risks
    • It improves transparency and accountability

    Most teams should start with a spreadsheet if they're using OKRs for the first time. Then, once you get comfortable you can graduate to a proper OKRs-tracking tool.

    A strategy map in TabilityTability's Strategy Map makes it easy to see all your org's OKRs

    If you're not yet set on a tool, you can check out the 5 best OKR tracking templates guide to find the best way to monitor progress during the quarter.

    More Marketing Strategist OKR templates

    We have more templates to help you draft your team goals and OKRs.

    OKRs resources

    Here are a list of resources to help you adopt the Objectives and Key Results framework.