OKR template to enhance the User Experience (UX) for our digital products

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The first key objective is to prolong user session duration by a 20% increase, a clear show of enhanced user engagement. To meet this, the company intends to boost website content for better user interaction, introduce engaging features on the platform, and optimize website speed for user convenience.

Another objective is to carry out ten user testing sessions. This is aimed at gathering valuable feedback for the betterment of User Experience (UX) on their digital products. The plan to reach this goal includes identifying ten users for the testing of UX, scheduling the sessions, and analyzing the feedback for implementation.

The company is also targeting a 30% user interface friendliness improvement based on user experience surveys. They plan to achieve this by confirming the UI improvements with targeted user feedback sessions, implementing suggested adjustments, and surveying the user experience to identify and address areas of concern.

Lastly, the company aims to reduce complaints related to UX design by 15%. This will be accomplished by boosting the onboarding process for improved user understanding, doing regular usability tests for bug identification, and developing a system for regular user feedback.
  • ObjectiveEnhance the User Experience (UX) for our digital products
  • Key ResultIncrease user session duration by 20% signalling improved engagement
  • TaskEnhance website content for improved user interest and interaction
  • TaskImplement engaging, interactive features on the platform
  • TaskOptimize website speed and functionality for user convenience
  • Key ResultConduct 10 user testing sessions to gather feedback for UX improvements
  • TaskIdentify 10 users for testing the current UX
  • TaskSchedule and conduct user testing sessions
  • TaskAnalyze feedback and compile UX improvement suggestions
  • Key ResultImprove user interface friendliness by 30% based on user experience surveys
  • TaskValidate improvements with targeted user feedback sessions
  • TaskImplement suggested changes to enhance interface friendliness
  • TaskAnalyze user experience surveys to identify improvement areas
  • Key ResultReduce UX design-related customer complaints by 15%
  • TaskImprove the onboarding process for better user understanding
  • TaskConduct frequent usability tests for early bug identification
  • TaskImplement a system for regular user feedback collection
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