OKR template to improve the game's community size and interaction levels

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

The main goal in this OKR is to improve the size and interaction levels within the game’s community. To accomplish this, certain strategic initiatives and outcomes have been defined. The first objective is to increase user retention rate by 30% over three months through initiatives such as introducing loyalty programs, personalized email marketing, and enhancing the user interface.

Secondly, the intention is to increase weekly user interaction by 15%. This would be achieved by adopting strategies like creating user-engaging content, offering weekly rewards for user participation, and through a weekly newsletter updating the site's features. The aim here is to encourage user comments, likes, and shares thereby triggering engagement.

A third defined objective is to increase the amount of active users by 25%. The game aims to initiate a referral program and improve the overall user experience to motivate existing users to invite others. Additionally, adopting targeted advertising strategies is intended to reach and attract potential users.

This approach reflects an ambition to create a more user-centric and engaging gaming experience. The actions are designed to ensure users are consistently engaged, appreciated, and are subsequently committed to the platform.
  • ObjectiveImprove the game's community size and interaction levels
  • Key ResultIncrease the retention rate of users over a three-month period by 30%
  • TaskIntroduce loyalty programs and rewards system
  • TaskImplement personalized email marketing strategies
  • TaskImprove user interface for enhanced usability and engagement
  • Key ResultIncrease the weekly interaction per user by 15%
  • TaskCreate engaging content that encourages user comments, likes, shares
  • TaskOffer weekly challenges or rewards for user participation
  • TaskImplement a weekly email newsletter highlighting site updates and features
  • Key ResultIncrease the number of active users by 25%
  • TaskInitiate referral programs for existing users
  • TaskImprove user experience on the platform
  • TaskImplement targeted advertising to reach potential users
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