OKR template to boost internal outreach and enhance brand recognition

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This OKR is centered around boosting internal outreach and enhancing brand recognition. The first objective involves improving internal communication and securing a 30% increase in employee engagement with the company's initiatives. The strategies include creating inclusive communication channels, holding feedback sessions, and rewarding active employee participation.

The success of this goal will be measured by the number of employees who actively participate in these initiatives.

The second objective is to gain 20% more followers across all company social media platforms. This will be achieved by creating shareable content regularly, collaborating with relevant influencers, and implementing targeted ad campaigns. The increase in followers serves as a measure of success for this objective.

The third and final objective is to execute 2 brand promotional activities that lead to a 40% increase in brand awareness. The strategies to achieve this include implementing promotional strategies, identifying relevant platforms for promotion, and developing engaging promotional content. The increase in brand awareness will indicate the success of the objective.
  • ObjectiveBoost internal outreach and enhance brand recognition
  • Key ResultAchieve a 30% increase in employee engagement in company wide initiatives
  • TaskCreate engaging, inclusive intra-office communication channels
  • TaskImplement regular employee feedback sessions on company initiatives
  • TaskRecognize and reward active employee participation in initiatives
  • Key ResultGain 20% more followers on all company social media platforms
  • TaskCreate engaging and shareable content consistently
  • TaskFoster collaboration with relevant influencers
  • TaskImplement targeted ad campaigns on each platform
  • Key ResultExecute 2 brand promotional activities leading to 40% increase in brand awareness
  • TaskImplement, measure, and adjust the promotional strategies
  • TaskIdentify relevant platforms for brand promotion activities
  • TaskPlan and develop engaging promotional content
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