OKR template to boost Iranian childhood cancer charity's brand recognition

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

The OKR outlines the advancement of the Iranian childhood cancer charity's brand visibility. The primary objective involves three key actions: launching news stories for more exposure, securing public speaking spots for outreach, and augmenting social media followership for online visibility.

The first outcome targets launching two news stories in local media. Initiatives for this include submitting stories to selected local media platforms, compiling a list of viable press channels, and finalizing the news articles. This aims to increase the charity's exposure to the local community.

The second directive focuses on securing three public speaking engagements to expand their reach. Actions involve establishing connections and follow-ups with event organizers, identifying suitable events relating to the organization's expertise or industry, and preparing a compelling speaking proposal to present to event organizers.

Finally, the goal is to boost the organization's followership on social media by 20%, enhancing their online visibility. Measures include maintaining consistent engagement with followers to foster an online community, developing and maintaining a posting schedule across all social platforms, and collaborating with influencers for an extended reach to audiences.
  • ObjectiveBoost Iranian childhood cancer charity's brand recognition
  • Key ResultLaunch 2 news stories in local media for increased exposure
  • TaskSubmit news stories to selected local media outlets
  • TaskCompile a list of local press channels for story distribution
  • TaskWrite and finalize 2 compelling news stories about our organization
  • Key ResultSecure 3 public speaking engagements to widen outreach
  • TaskEstablish contact and follow up with event organizers
  • TaskIdentify potential events relevant to your expertise or industry
  • TaskPrepare a compelling speaking proposal to pitch to event organizers
  • Key ResultIncrease social media followers by 20% to enhance online visibility
  • TaskEngage with followers regularly to create a loyal online community
  • TaskDevelop and maintain a consistent posting schedule on all social platforms
  • TaskCollaborate with influencers to reach a larger audience
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