OKR template to secure guest posts for enhanced brand visibility and thought leadership

Tability Templates · Published 11 months ago

In today's digital age, guest posting has become a crucial part of digital marketing strategies. It enables brands to share their ideas, knowledge, and reach out to target audiences while building their brand credibility. Our OKR is to secure guest posts to enhance our brand visibility and thought leadership, particularly in our niche. By doing so, we aim to establish our brand as a thought leader in the industry and present our expertise to a wider audience.
  • ObjectiveIncrease brand visibility and thought leadership through secure guest posts
  • Key ResultSecure 5 high-authority guest post opportunities
  • Key ResultBuild relationships with 3 key influencers in the industry through guest posting
  • Key ResultIncrease website traffic from guest post referrals by 25%
  • Key ResultEarn at least 10 social media shares per guest post
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