OKR template to reduce Employee Turnover

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The primary aim of this OKR is to address employee turnover. This involves implementing a mentoring program that would involve 75% of employees. The intention is to establish detailed check-ins and evaluation meetings, build a training structure for potential mentors, create a comprehensive program layout, and promote this mentoring program.

The second objective outlined in the OKR is to decrease employee resignations by 20%. To facilitate this reduction various initiatives have been proposed. These actions include performing exit interviews for insight, initializing an inclusive employee engagement and retention program, amplifying communication channels to reassure employees and provide professional development opportunities.

The third aim of this OKR is to stimulate overall employee engagement with an objective to witness an increment of 10%. To effectively attain this, proposals have been made to instigate systematic open communication meetings, design team-building activities, carry out anonymous employee surveys to discover improvement facets and introduce a recognition and reward program.

But the engagement doesn't end there. We also need to recognize the role of our managers hence the drive to improve their satisfaction ratings by 15%. Initiatives here include feedback sessions for understanding concerns, professional development opportunities, fostering a positive work environment, and having clear communication channels and expectations.
  • ObjectiveReduce Employee Turnover
  • Key ResultImplement a mentoring program with participation from 75% of employees
  • TaskEstablish regular check-ins and evaluations to assess the effectiveness of the mentoring program
  • TaskProvide training for potential mentors and match them with mentees based on their goals
  • TaskCreate a program outline with goals and objectives for the mentoring program
  • TaskPromote the mentoring program through various communication channels to raise awareness
  • Key ResultDecrease voluntary employee resignations by 20%
  • TaskConduct exit interviews to identify and address reasons for voluntary resignations
  • TaskImplement a comprehensive employee engagement and retention program
  • TaskEnhance communication channels to ensure employees feel valued and heard
  • TaskProvide professional development opportunities to ensure employee growth and satisfaction
  • Key ResultIncrease employee engagement scores by 10%
  • TaskProvide regular opportunities for open communication and feedback between employees and management
  • TaskOrganize team-building activities to foster collaboration and strengthen relationships among employees
  • TaskConduct anonymous employee survey to identify areas of opportunity for engagement improvement
  • TaskDevelop and implement a recognition and rewards program to acknowledge employee efforts
  • Key ResultImprove manager satisfaction ratings by 15%
  • TaskImplement regular feedback sessions to understand manager concerns and address them promptly
  • TaskProvide professional development opportunities to enhance manager skills and career growth
  • TaskFoster a positive and supportive work environment through team-building initiatives and recognition programs
  • TaskStreamline communication channels and ensure clarity in expectations for effective manager-employee interactions
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