OKR template to enhance impactful self-communication skills

public-lib · Published 19 days ago

This OKR aims to enhance impactful self-communication skills. The objective is to apply new communication techniques in order to receive positive feedback from five colleagues. This will be achieved by exhibiting positive body language and tone, using constructive responses when giving feedback, and practicing active listening during office conversations.

The second outcome is to attend a minimum of three work communication improvement workshops. This involves scheduling and attending these workshops, selecting and registering for three workshops, and researching several communication improvement workshops.

The final stage is to read at least two books on effective self-communication. This can be accomplished by purchasing or borrowing selected books, researching and selecting two books on efficient self-communication, and dedicating time daily to read both books.

Achieving these steps will allow for enhancement of self-communication skills and better relationships among colleagues, ultimately improving overall office communication.
  • ObjectiveEnhance impactful self-communication skills
  • Key ResultApply new communication skills to receive positive feedback from 5 colleagues
  • TaskExhibit positivity in body language and tone
  • TaskUse constructive responses when giving feedback
  • TaskPractice active listening during office conversations
  • Key ResultAttend minimum 3 work communication improvement workshops
  • TaskSchedule and attend these workshops
  • TaskSelect and register for three suitable workshops
  • TaskResearch different communication improvement workshops
  • Key ResultRead at least 2 books on effective self-communication
  • TaskPurchase or borrow selected books
  • TaskResearch and select two books on effective self-communication
  • TaskDedicate time daily to read both books
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