OKR template to enhance engagement and commitment via effective communication

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

This OKR revolves around boosting employee engagement and dedication by enhancing communication. It proposes the introduction of bi-weekly departmental meetings, aiming for 95% attendance through popular initiatives such as alluring agendas, a distribution calendar, and an interesting attendance policy.

The second aspect of the OKR seeks a 20% rise in positive feedback on internal communications via anonymous surveys. This includes enhancing anonymity, stimulating timely and constructive feedback, along with weekly training sessions to improve internal communication.

The third aspect of the OKR aims to improve internal communication by launching a company-wide newsletter that should reach 100% of the staff. This involves tasks such as determining pertinent content for the newsletter, designing a pleasing format, and devising an effective distribution system.

This scheme aims to utilize effective communication to achieve better engagement, harmonious inter-departmental interactions, and to foster a sense of belongingness among employees, hence enhancing work commitment and productivity.
  • ObjectiveEnhance engagement and commitment via effective communication
  • Key ResultIntroduce bi-weekly inter-departmental meetings with 95% attendance
  • TaskDesign an engaging and relevant meeting agenda
  • TaskDraft and distribute a meeting calendar to all departments
  • TaskImplement a strict, yet incentivizing attendance policy
  • Key ResultAchieve a 20% increase in positive feedback on internal communication through anonymous surveys
  • TaskEnhance the anonymity of feedback surveys
  • TaskEncourage prompt and constructive feedback
  • TaskImplement weekly training for improving internal communication skills
  • Key ResultImprove internal communication by launching a company-wide newsletter reaching 100% of staff
  • TaskDetermine relevant content for the company-wide newsletter
  • TaskDesign the newsletter layout and format
  • TaskSet up a distribution system reaching all staff
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