OKR template to improve conflict handling and resolution skills

public-lib · Published 9 months ago

The given OKR is centered on ameliorating conflict handling and resolution abilities. The primary goal is to effectively mediate and resolve at least five interpersonal conflicts within the team. This entails using professional mediation training to improve resolution skills and employing clear communication strategies within the team.

Another critical objective is to complete a professional course dedicated to conflict management and negotiation. This involves actively participating in course activities, finishing coursework, earning a certificate, and undergoing necessary research for selecting a professional course in the designated field.

Furthermore, the OKR focuses on gathering 360-degree feedback to exhibit a 30% improvement in handling confrontations. Attending effective confrontation management training sessions and implementing the learned skills forms the initiatives for this goal. Distribution of 360-degree feedback survey to all the involved team members is also part of the plan.

Overall, this OKR intends to upskill an individual or a team in proficiency in mediating and resolving conflicts. Through professional training, strategic application of mediation techniques and incorporating comprehensive feedback, it aims to enhance interpersonal relationships within the team.
  • ObjectiveImprove conflict handling and resolution skills
  • Key ResultSuccessfully mediate and resolve at least 5 interpersonal conflicts within the team
  • TaskUndertake professional mediation training to hone conflict resolution skills
  • TaskUse mediation techniques to resolve identified conflicts
  • TaskImplement regular, clear communication strategies within the team
  • Key ResultComplete a professional course on conflict management and negotiation skills
  • TaskEnroll in chosen course and secure necessary resources
  • TaskActively participate, complete coursework, and earn certificate
  • TaskResearch and select a professional course in conflict management and negotiation skills
  • Key ResultGather 360-degree feedback to show 30% improvement in handling confrontations
  • TaskAttend training sessions on effective confrontation management
  • TaskDistribute 360-degree feedback survey to all team members involved
  • TaskImplement learned skills and monitor progress through feedback
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