OKR template to secure the position of Secretary to the Vice President

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

This OKR is about securing the position of Secretary to the Vice President and it consists of three objectives. The first objective involves increasing networking efforts specifically targeting 20 industry professionals. The initiatives include engaging on their social media profiles, identifying such individuals, and sending personalized connection requests or emails to them.

The second objective seeks to submit 10 tailored applications weekly to relevant job postings. To achieve this, one needs to identify the relevant job postings daily, submit these applications through the appropriate platforms and customize each application to align with the specific job requirements.

The third objective is about improving administrative skills through the completion of an advanced secretarial course and aiming for a high score of 90%. The strategies to fulfill this objective include studying the course material regularly for mastery, enrolling in a secretarial course, and attaining a 90% score on all the course tests.

The overall goal of this OKR is to enhance one's qualifications and connections within the industry. By networking, applying strategically, and furthering one's education, the position of Secretary to the Vice President can be secured.
  • ObjectiveSecure the position of Secretary to the Vice President
  • Key ResultIncrease networking efforts by connecting with 20 industry professionals
  • TaskEngage on their social media profiles
  • TaskResearch and identify 20 relevant industry professionals
  • TaskSend personalized connection requests or emails
  • Key ResultSubmit 10 tailored applications per week to relevant job postings
  • TaskResearch and identify relevant job postings daily
  • TaskSubmit tailored applications through appropriate platforms
  • TaskCustomize 10 applications according to each job requirement
  • Key ResultImprove admin skills by completing an advanced secretarial course with 90% score
  • TaskRegularly study course material for mastery
  • TaskResearch and enroll in an advanced secretarial course
  • TaskAchieve a 90% score on all course tests
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