OKR template to enhance leadership skills via online learning platform

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

The main aim of this OKR is to improve leadership skills through the use of an online learning platform. This plan includes the application of acquired tactics in two real-life situations and the documentation of results.

The OKR also focuses on completing three online leadership courses with scores above 90%. This objective is achieved through meticulous study before tests and scoring high marks in all assessments. It also includes identifying and enrolling in three online leadership courses.

Receiving positive feedback from at least five peers on improved leadership skills is another crucial objective. Feedback is requested from peers regularly, new skills are applied in daily practices, and attendance to workshops about better leadership skills are part of this OKR.

The OKR targets individuals who take initiatives, identify practical situations to apply their learning, document their findings, and are open to feedback from peers.
  • ObjectiveEnhance leadership skills via online learning platform
  • Key ResultApply learned tactics in 2 real-life situations and document the results
  • TaskIdentify 2 real-life situations to apply learned tactics
  • TaskImplement the learned tactics in the chosen situations
  • TaskDocument the results and observations
  • Key ResultComplete 3 online leadership courses, with scores above 90%
  • TaskStudy course materials thoroughly before testing
  • TaskScore above 90% on all course assessments
  • TaskIdentify and enroll in 3 online leadership courses
  • Key ResultReceive positive feedback on improved leadership skills from at least 5 peers
  • TaskRequest feedback from peers regularly
  • TaskApply learned skills in daily leadership practices
  • TaskAttend workshops on developing better leadership skills
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