OKR template to boost HR effectiveness in facilitating organization and people growth

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This OKR is focused on enhancing the Human Resources department's effectiveness in promoting both organization and employee growth. One of the key objectives is to boost employee retention rates by 20%. This will be achieved through initiatives like improving company benefits and compensation packages, rolling out a comprehensive employee development and training program, and increasing feedback and recognition sessions.

Another objective within the OKR is to decrease the average length of time it takes for the hiring process by 15%. To accomplish this, the Human Resources department will establish a more structured and efficient onboarding process. Other initiatives that will contribute to achieving this objective include streamlining interview scheduling using automated tools and implementing standardized skill-based assessments.

Furthermore, the OKR also aims to upgrade leadership development programs that benefit 30% of employees. Essential to meeting this objective is the sourcing and hiring of professional development consultants. A survey to identify areas for improvement in leadership programs will also be carried out. Lastly, feedback from consultants will be utilized to implement changes in the program.

Essentially, this OKR is all about enhancing the HR department's capabilities to better facilitate both organization and employee growth. These strategies are geared toward higher retention rates, more efficient hiring processes, and an improved leadership development program.
  • ObjectiveBoost HR effectiveness in facilitating organization and people growth
  • Key ResultIncrease employee retention rate by 20%
  • TaskEnhance company benefits and compensation packages
  • TaskImplement a comprehensive employee development and training program
  • TaskIncrease regular feedback and recognition sessions
  • Key ResultDecrease average hiring process time by 15%
  • TaskEstablish a structured, efficient onboarding process
  • TaskStreamline interview scheduling with automated tools
  • TaskImplement standardised skill-based assessments
  • Key ResultUpgrade leadership development programs benefiting 30% of employees
  • TaskSource and hire professional development consultants
  • TaskConduct survey to identify areas for leadership program improvement
  • TaskImplement program changes based on consultant feedback
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