OKR template to successfully launch challenge MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

The given OKR focuses on the successful launch of a challenge Minimum Viable Product (MVP). To ensure success, the company plans to develop a functional prototype by utilizing their tech team. This involves assigning tasks for prototype development, defining MVP specifications, and continuously supervising progress adjustments.

The second part of the OKR revolves around validating the MVP through feedback from 100 beta users. Distribution of MVP to these users and gathering feedback is a crucial part of this process. Identification and recruitment of potential users for testing are also necessary.

Achieving a 70% user satisfaction rate post-MVP launch is another major objective. Constant product improvements based on user feedback help achieve this, along with enhancing user support and engagement systems. Implementing customer feedback surveys post-launch is another initiative towards the same goal.

In summary, the OKR provides a roadmap for launching a challenge MVP. It involves elements like prototype development, user feedback and satisfaction, and managing product improvements based on beta user feedback. All these points ensure a successful and satisfactory MVP launch.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully launch challenge MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • Key ResultDevelop functional prototype of the MVP by engaging tech team
  • TaskAssign tasks to tech team for prototype development
  • TaskDefine MVP specifications and requirements with relevant teams
  • TaskRegularly supervise and adjust prototype progress
  • Key ResultValidate MVP through feedback from 100 beta users
  • TaskDistribute MVP to these users and gather the feedback
  • TaskIdentify and recruit 100 potential beta users for testing
  • TaskAnalyze and implement suggestions from user feedback
  • Key ResultAchieve 70% user satisfaction rate post MVP launch
  • TaskContinuously improve product based on user feedback
  • TaskEnhance user support and engagement systems
  • TaskImplement customer feedback surveys post-launch
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