OKRs to successfully launch the tech startup

public-lib · Published 24 days ago

Embarking on the journey of launching a successful startup is akin to sailing through choppy waters. It entails setting crystal clear objectives, assembling an effective team, perfecting an innovative product or service, and setting the business wheel in motion. Harnessing ambition with wisdom, it's time to transform those big ideas into a reality, tackling challenges head-on and maintaining a laser-like focus on the end goal: A bold and thriving new venture.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully launch the tech startup
  • Key ResultSecure funding from at least three investors by increasing company visibility
  • TaskEnhance online presence through social media and optimized website
  • TaskParticipate in industry networking events
  • TaskDevelop a compelling investor presentation
  • Key ResultDevelop, test and launch the MVP (minimum viable product) targeting user validation
  • TaskDesign and develop the minimum viable product
  • TaskCarry out rigorous testing and fixing of the MVP
  • TaskLaunch MVP and collect user validation data
  • Key ResultHire and onboard five skilled developers to establish the product team
  • TaskCreate a detailed job description for developer positions
  • TaskPromote vacancies on targeted recruitment platforms
  • TaskDevelop a comprehensive onboarding program

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