OKR template to launch engaging, user-friendly website

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

This OKR aims for the launch of an engaging, user-friendly website with targeted improvements in various dimensions. Firstly, significant emphasis is placed on improving user experience and overall usability. Increasing the site usability score by 30% is a priority, achieved through initiatives like tracking usability score, making user-friendly design changes, and conducting user tests.

Next comes driving growth in website traffic. The goal is to attract 15% more unique visitors, employing enhanced SEO strategies. Actions include optimizing the website's loading speed and mobile compatibility, developing a comprehensive keyword strategy based on market and customer trends, and creating high-quality content enriched with keywords to meet user queries.

Another focus is the reduction of the website bounce rate. Achieving a 20% bounce rate reduction by incorporating more interactive content is targeted. This includes the development of engaging infographics and videos, alongside the improvement of the website's navigation and overall user experience design. Additional tools like quizzes, polls, and surveys are earmarked to extend user interaction.

Collectively, the OKR deploys a multifaceted approach, engaging UX enhancements, SEO tactics, and content interactivity. Through these initiatives, an increase in usability score, visitor numbers, and a decrease in bounce rate is expected, optimizing user experience and engagement.
  • ObjectiveLaunch engaging, user-friendly website
  • Key ResultIncrease site usability score by 30% through UX-focused improvements
  • TaskRegularly track usability score and revise improvements
  • TaskPrioritize and implement user-friendly design changes
  • TaskConduct user testing to identify existing usability issues
  • Key ResultAttract 15% more unique visitors through enhanced SEO tactics
  • TaskImprove website loading speed and mobile compatibility for user satisfaction
  • TaskDevelop a detailed keyword strategy based on market trends and customer needs
  • TaskCreate high-quality, keyword-rich content that caters to user queries
  • Key ResultAchieve a bounce rate reduction of 20% via interactive contents
  • TaskDevelop interactive infographics and videos to engage users
  • TaskImprove website's navigation and user experience design
  • TaskIncorporate quizzes, polls, and surveys into website content
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