OKR template to to implement a strategic, consistent, and realistic social media approach

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

The primary aim of this OKR is to follow a strategic, constant, and practical approach in executing social media activities. Expanding the organic followership on all social media platforms by 1000 is the main goal. This will be achieved through strategic follower campaigns, active interactions and consistent creation of engaging and high-quality content.

Another objective is to create, publish and maintain a consistent flow of high-quality content, at least five times a week. This involves the creation of five well-crafted posts each week, the development of a content calendar with weekly post ideas, and scheduling these posts for weekly publication.

The third integral part of this OKR is to enhance overall engagement on social media platforms by 20%. This involves promptly and personally responding to comments and messages from followers, implementing a regular posting schedule across all platforms, and interacting with the audience through quizzes, polls, and other engaging content.

Overall, this OKR strives for a substantial increase in social media outreach, content consistency, and audience engagement. It aims to strategically capitalize on and enhance the company's social media presence and interactions.
  • ObjectiveTo implement a strategic, consistent, and realistic social media approach
  • Key ResultGain 1000 new, organic followers across all social media platforms
  • TaskImplement a strategic follow and unfollow campaign
  • TaskActively interact and build relationships with followers
  • TaskCreate engaging, high-quality content regularly
  • Key ResultPost high-quality content consistently 5 times per week
  • TaskWrite and finalize 5 high-quality posts
  • TaskCreate a weekly content calendar with 5 post ideas
  • TaskSchedule 5 posts for weekly publication
  • Key ResultIncrease overall social media engagement by 20%
  • TaskRespond promptly and personally to comments and messages
  • TaskImplement a regular posting schedule across all platforms
  • TaskEngage audience with interactive content like quizzes and polls
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