OKR template to increase LinkedIn activity on the company page

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The overarching aim of this OKR is to amplify LInkedIn activity on the company page. The first objective is to encourage 20% follower interaction with the first 5 posts by the second month. Key steps in this respect include timely responses to comments and queries, promoting the posts across various social media platforms, and creating content tailored to follower interests.

The second objective involves scheduling and crafting content for five LinkedIn posts by the end of the first month. This will be achieved by identifying primary topics for each post, assigning specific publishing dates for individual posts, and creatively designing content for each post.

The final objective seeks to produce and publish another set of 5 LinkedIn posts that should ensure up to 30% audience engagement by the third month. That will involve writing, editing, finishing the set of 5 blog posts, marketing each post effectively to secure user interaction, and strategically utilizing analytics to design content that resonally resounds with the audience.

In summary, this OKR focuses on enhancing LinkedIn activity on the company page through strategic creation and promotion of engaging content and effective use of analytics to understand the audience, leading to higher user interaction rates over a three-month period.
  • ObjectiveIncrease LinkedIn activity on the company page
  • Key ResultEngage 20% of our followers with the first 5 posts by month 2
  • TaskMonitor and respond to comments and messages swiftly
  • TaskPromote posts across various social media platforms
  • TaskCreate engaging content tailored to follower's interests
  • Key ResultSchedule and create content for 5 LinkedIn posts by the end of month 1
  • TaskIdentify key topics for five LinkedIn posts
  • TaskSet exact dates to publish each post
  • TaskDraft creative content for each post
  • Key ResultComplete and publish remaining 5 posts ensuring 30% audience engagement by month 3
  • TaskWrite, edit, and finalize the remaining 5 blog posts
  • TaskPromote each post effectively to ensure 30% of audience interaction
  • TaskUse analytics to craft audience-engaging content for each post
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