OKR template to implement a consistent social media approach based on a calendar agreement

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

This OKR aims to implement a regular, calendar-based approach to social media management. Its objective includes fostering consistency in social media engagement, with the intent of leveraging a regular posting schedule to boost audience engagement. The key objective is to increase audience engagement by 20% by the end of the quarter.

For this purpose, various initiatives like tracking engagement growth on a weekly basis, analyzing past engagement data and formulating a user-engagement content strategy will be employed. By doing so, the objective aims to provide a clear overview of current performance and areas that require improvement.

Another key part of this OKR includes the creation of a shared social media calendar, where posts for the coming week or month are planned out in advance. Team members will be identified, and they will collaborate to populate the calendar with content, thus ensuring that audience engagement is consistent and well-planned.

Lastly, a key target identified by this OKR is to post content regularly – five times a week for the entire quarter. To this end, the OKR suggests monitoring and adjusting the posting strategy as deemed necessary. It also suggests the creation of a content calendar for the-quarter to facilitate this regular posting.
  • ObjectiveImplement a consistent social media approach based on a calendar agreement
  • Key ResultMeasure and increase audience engagement by 20% by the end of the quarter
  • TaskConsistently track engagement growth weekly
  • TaskDetermine current engagement levels with existing data
  • TaskImplement new user-engaging content strategy
  • Key ResultEstablish a shared social media calendar with agreed posts within two weeks
  • TaskCreate a shared social media calendar online
  • TaskIdentify relevant team members for shared calendar collaboration
  • TaskSchedule meeting to agree on posts
  • Key ResultConsistently post on social media 5 times a week for the entire quarter
  • TaskRegularly monitor and adjust posting strategy
  • TaskDevelop a content calendar scheduling 5 posts weekly
  • TaskCreate engaging posts according to schedule
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