OKR template to establish a successful YouTube channel

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This OKR focuses on setting up a thriving YouTube channel. Its main objectives include accumulating a total of 10,000 views across all videos, producing 20 remarkable videos before the following quarter ends, and gathering a minimum of 500 subscribers in the channel.

To reach 10,000 total views, strategies such as consistent video creation and collaboration with influencers and popular YouTubers for wider audience reach have been planned. Additionally, there's a plan to employ different social media platforms to promote these videos.

The goal of crafting and publishing 20 high-quality videos has initiatives of editing, reviewing, scheduling filming sessions, and preparing drafts for each video, thus ensuring every produced video meets the set standards.

Securing at least 500 subscribers will be achieved through formulating content that sparks the interest of the targeted audience, setting up a referral reward system to encourage current viewers to invite others, and promoting the channel through social media advertisement campaigns.
  • ObjectiveEstablish a successful YouTube channel
  • Key ResultReach 10,000 total views on all videos combined
  • TaskCreate and publish engaging and high-quality videos consistently
  • TaskCollaborate with influencers or popular YouTubers for broader reach
  • TaskPromote videos across different social media platforms
  • Key ResultCreate and publish 20 high-quality videos by end of next quarter
  • TaskEdit, review and publish the videos
  • TaskSchedule and conduct filming sessions
  • TaskIdentify topics and draft outlines for 20 videos
  • Key ResultSecure a minimum of 500 subscribers on the channel
  • TaskCreate engaging content relevant to target audience
  • TaskImplement a subscriber referral reward system
  • TaskPromote the channel through social media ad campaigns
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