OKRs to establish a successful YouTube channel

public-lib · Published 22 days ago

Through the ages, entertainment has evolved, and today, digital platforms have become the new stage for performers and broadcasters. Amid such evolution, YouTubing has emerged as a reputable and much sought-after career, which not only may be monetarily rewarding but also offers an opportunity to engage masses globally. Thus, in the light of this immense potential, I am setting my Objective to become a successful YouTuber, aiming to hit my first 100K subscribers within the first year.
  • ObjectiveEstablish a successful YouTube channel
  • Key ResultReach 10,000 total views on all videos combined
  • TaskCreate and publish engaging and high-quality videos consistently
  • TaskCollaborate with influencers or popular YouTubers for broader reach
  • TaskPromote videos across different social media platforms
  • Key ResultCreate and publish 20 high-quality videos by end of next quarter
  • TaskEdit, review and publish the videos
  • TaskSchedule and conduct filming sessions
  • TaskIdentify topics and draft outlines for 20 videos
  • Key ResultSecure a minimum of 500 subscribers on the channel
  • TaskCreate engaging content relevant to target audience
  • TaskImplement a subscriber referral reward system
  • TaskPromote the channel through social media ad campaigns

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