12 OKR examples for Business Development Team

Formulating strong OKRs can be a complex endeavor, particularly for first-timers. Prioritizing outcomes over projects is crucial when developing your plans.

We've tailored a list of OKRs examples for Business Development Team to help you. You can look at any of the templates below to get some inspiration for your own goals.

If you want to learn more about the framework, you can read more about the OKR meaning online.

Best practices for OKR

Your objectives should be ambitious, but achievable. Your key results should be measurable and time-bound. It can also be helfpul to list strategic initiatives under your key results, as it'll help you avoid the common mistake of listing projects in your KRs.

Building your own OKRs with AI

While we have some examples below, it's likely that you'll have specific scenarios that aren't covered here. There are 2 options available to you.

- Use our free OKRs generator
- Use Tability, a complete platform to set and track OKRs and initiatives – including a GPT-4 powered goal generator

How to track OKRs

OKRs without regular progress updates are just KPIs. You'll need to update progress on your OKRs every week to get the full benefits from the framework.

Spreadsheets are enough to get started. Then, once you need to scale you can use a proper OKRs-tracking platform to make things easier.

We recommend Tability for an easy way to set and track OKRs with your team.

Check out the 5 best OKR tracking templates to find the best way to monitor progress during the quarter.

Business Development Team OKRs templates

You'll find below a list of Objectives and Key Results for Business Development Team.

OKRs to successful Business Launch in Africa

  • ObjectiveSuccessful Business Launch in Africa
  • Key ResultAchieve product engagement from 10,000 unique African users
  • TaskOffer tailored user-support services in local languages
  • TaskPartner with African influencers for product endorsements
  • TaskDevelop user-centered, localized marketing strategies for African markets
  • Key ResultForge and establish 3 strategic local partnerships by quarter end
  • TaskIdentify potential local businesses for partnership opportunities
  • TaskArrange meetings to discuss potential collaborations
  • TaskNegotiate terms and finalize partnership agreements
  • Key ResultGain a 5% market share in the chosen African region
  • TaskEstablish relationships with local distribution channels for product accessibility
  • TaskDevelop a targeted marketing strategy focusing on the identified local interests
  • TaskConduct market research to understand local customer preferences and buying habits
Turn OKRs into a Strategy Map

OKRs to boost product visibility and establish success pipeline in new markets

  • ObjectiveBoost product visibility and establish success pipeline in new markets
  • Key ResultRaise product awareness by 40% using targeted advertising in selected new markets
  • TaskImplement and monitor these targeted advertising campaigns
  • TaskIdentify potential new markets for targeted advertising efforts
  • TaskDevelop specific, appealing ads for these selected markets
  • Key ResultGenerate a 25% increase in product trial users in new markets
  • TaskLaunch targeted online ad campaigns in new markets
  • TaskCollaborate with influencers popular in potential markets
  • TaskImplement a referral program offering incentives for new users
  • Key ResultSecure 10 new, potential business partnerships for product distribution
  • TaskIdentify suitable companies for potential partnerships
  • TaskReach out to these companies with a business proposal
  • TaskSchedule meetings to discuss partnership details

OKRs to secure partnerships with strategic industry leaders to drive business growth

  • ObjectiveEstablish key partnerships to drive growth
  • Key ResultIdentify and prioritize potential partners based on revenue and market share
  • Key ResultTrack the success of each partnership by setting clear KPIs and regularly measuring progress
  • Key ResultDevelop a compelling pitch deck and present to at least 10 potential partners
  • Key ResultSign partnership agreements with at least 3 of the identified partners

OKRs to secure new clientele from three distinct sectors

  • ObjectiveSecure new clientele from three distinct sectors
  • Key ResultIdentify and establish contacts with 50 potential clients from different industries
  • TaskResearch diverse industries to identify 50 potential clients
  • TaskInitiate contact with potential clients via email or phone
  • TaskArrange and conduct initial client meetings or presentations
  • Key ResultSuccessfully pitch services to at least 30% of the identified potential clients
  • TaskSchedule and conduct efficient, persuasive pitch meetings
  • TaskDevelop and refine customized service pitch for each client
  • TaskIdentify and research potential clients' needs and interests
  • Key ResultConvert 15% of pitched potential clients into signed contracts
  • TaskTrain team in negotiation techniques to secure contracts
  • TaskEnhance proposals with detailed, customized solutions for each client
  • TaskImprove follow-up strategies to maintain contact post-pitch

OKRs to enhance innovation and synergy within startup house ecosystem

  • ObjectiveEnhance innovation and synergy within startup house ecosystem
  • Key ResultAchieve 25% increase in constructive feedback exchanges among members
  • TaskOffer training on how to give constructive feedback
  • TaskEncourage open communication and active listening
  • TaskImplement regular, structured team feedback sessions
  • Key ResultInitiate three cross-departmental projects to enhance collaborative efforts
  • TaskOrganize a meeting with department leads to discuss plans
  • TaskAssign project teams and set clear communication channels
  • TaskIdentify potential projects requiring cross-departmental collaboration
  • Key ResultImplement two new innovative systems or processes for startups to utilize
  • TaskProvide comprehensive training and support for startup utilization
  • TaskResearch cutting-edge technologies suitable for startup business operations
  • TaskDesign and develop two innovative systems or processes

OKRs to secure series A financing

  • ObjectiveSecure series A financing
  • Key ResultDevelop a compelling business plan and pitch deck
  • TaskConduct market research and identify target audience for business plan
  • TaskIncorporate financial projections and ROI analysis to support the business plan and pitch deck
  • TaskClearly outline the problem, solution, and value proposition in the business plan
  • TaskCreate a visually appealing pitch deck with concise and engaging content
  • Key ResultAchieve a 10% increase in investor meetings
  • TaskEstablish and maintain relationships with key industry influencers and networks to expand investor connections
  • TaskIncrease outreach efforts to potential investors through targeted email campaigns
  • TaskDevelop and deliver compelling presentations to attract investor interest and secure meetings
  • TaskUtilize social media platforms to promote our company and engage with potential investors
  • Key ResultIncrease investor outreach by 50%
  • TaskCreate personalized email campaigns for targeted investor segments
  • TaskDevelop a comprehensive database of potential investors
  • TaskLeverage social media platforms to engage with potential investors and share updates
  • TaskSchedule regular investor meetings and webinar sessions to disseminate information
  • Key ResultReceive positive feedback from at least 75% of the potential investors
  • TaskConduct thorough research on potential investors to understand their interests and preferences
  • TaskFollow up with investors promptly, addressing any questions or concerns they may have
  • TaskDeliver a compelling and concise presentation that clearly communicates the value proposition
  • TaskTailor pitch deck to highlight benefits and potential returns for investors

OKRs to successfully manage strategic partnership

    OKRs to successfully penetrate and gain market share in a new market

    • ObjectiveSuccessfully penetrate and gain market share in a new market
    • Key ResultAcquire 100 new customers through effective lead generation strategies in the new market
    • TaskDevelop compelling lead magnets tailored to the needs and preferences of potential customers
    • TaskImplement targeted online advertising campaigns to capture the attention of the new market
    • TaskBuild strategic partnerships and collaborations to expand reach and attract new customers
    • TaskConduct market research to identify target audience and demographics in the new market
    • Key ResultGenerate $500,000 in revenue from sales of the new product in the new market
    • TaskEstablish partnerships or distribution channels to reach a wider audience in the new market
    • TaskDevelop a comprehensive marketing strategy to effectively promote the new product
    • TaskConduct market research to identify potential customers and understand their needs
    • TaskMonitor sales data and adjust pricing or strategies accordingly to maximize revenue
    • Key ResultIncrease brand awareness by achieving 50,000 impressions through targeted advertising campaigns
    • Key ResultAchieve a customer satisfaction rating of 90% or higher through post-purchase surveys

    OKRs to expand Japanese market

    • ObjectiveIncrease market presence and sales in Japan
    • Key ResultIncrease monthly revenue from Japanese customers by 20%
    • TaskDevelop targeted marketing campaigns tailored to the Japanese market
    • TaskConduct market research to identify specific needs and preferences of Japanese customers
    • TaskEnhance Japanese customer support and after-sales services to improve customer satisfaction
    • TaskCollaborate with local Japanese businesses to expand customer reach and increase sales opportunities
    • Key ResultEstablish partnerships with three influential Japanese retailers to expand distribution network
    • TaskNegotiate mutually beneficial terms and agreements with selected Japanese retailers
    • TaskIdentify and research three influential Japanese retailers for potential partnership opportunities
    • TaskFinalize partnerships and develop a plan for expanding our distribution network with each retailer
    • TaskInitiate contact and schedule meetings with identified retailers to discuss potential partnerships
    • Key ResultImprove customer satisfaction in Japan by achieving minimum of 90% positive feedback
    • Key ResultLaunch targeted marketing campaigns to reach 10,000 potential Japanese customers
    • TaskCreate compelling and localized marketing content that resonates with Japanese consumers
    • TaskDevelop a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored specifically for the Japanese market
    • TaskUtilize various advertising channels to reach and engage 10,000 potential Japanese customers
    • TaskConduct market research to define target audience and identify potential Japanese customers

    OKRs to launch a viable startup in the tech industry

    • ObjectiveLaunch a viable startup in the tech industry
    • Key ResultHire a core team of five professionals in tech, marketing, and operations
    • TaskIdentify required skills and experience for each job role
    • TaskSchedule and conduct potential candidate interviews
    • TaskPost job vacancies on suitable recruitment platforms
    • Key ResultFinalize business plan with a detailed financial projection
    • TaskReview and refine existing business model assumptions
    • TaskDevelop comprehensive profit and loss projections
    • TaskIncorporate relevant market research into the plan
    • Key ResultSecure investment from at least three different sources for initial capital
    • TaskResearch and identify potential investors
    • TaskConduct pitching sessions to these investors
    • TaskCreate a compelling business plan

    OKRs to contribute proactively to three Atlassian Services proposals

    • ObjectiveContribute proactively to three Atlassian Services proposals
    • Key ResultGain customer acceptance on at least two proposals by the end of the quarter
    • TaskSchedule and conduct presentations of the proposals to customers
    • TaskSecure formal acceptance from at least two customers
    • TaskDevelop clear and persuasive proposals for customer presentation
    • Key ResultDraft and submit one compelling proposal each month for client consideration
    • TaskDevelop a compelling and concise proposal outline
    • TaskIdentify desirable project proposals for the client
    • TaskSubmit the completed proposal to the client
    • Key ResultIdentify and finalize five potential clients needing Atlassian Services by Week 2

    OKRs to scale the team by hiring and onboarding key talent to support business expansion

    • ObjectiveExpand the business by scaling the team with quality personnel
    • Key ResultHire and onboard 3 experienced sales executives
    • Key ResultEnhance team diversity by 20% via targeted recruitment strategy
    • Key ResultReduce time-to-fill open positions by 50% through process improvement
    • Key ResultRecruit and integrate 2 seasoned marketing specialists

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