OKR template to secure two contracts with value at least $300,000

public-lib · Published 25 days ago

This OKR focuses on acquiring high-value contracts, with a target of securing two contracts valued at at least $150,000 each. A specific strategy is outlined, such as researching potential clients and customizing proposals specifically for their needs. Additionally, there will be an effort to conduct persuasive negotiation with these potential clients.

The second component of this OKR is to conduct 30 business proposal presentations. The aim here is not just to secure clients, but to ensure these potential clients understand the value and relevance of what you are proposing. Presentations will be well-prepared and targeted specifically towards prospective clients.

Identifying and contacting prospective clients is the third element of this OKR. A goal has been set to reach out to 50 potential clients by the end of the quarter. The use of personalized outreach messages indicates a focus on building relationships, rather than simply trying to secure a contract.

Overall, this OKR is about nurturing a process - researching clients, building relationships, presenting proposals and making that final push to secure the contract. It places focus on growth and innovation through not just acquiring clients but also understanding their needs and meeting them.
  • ObjectiveSecure two contracts with value at least $300,000
  • Key ResultSuccessfully negotiate and close at least two contracts valued above $150,000 each
  • TaskResearch and identify potential high-value clients
  • TaskDevelop customized proposals for each client
  • TaskConduct persuasive negotiation meetings
  • Key ResultConduct 30 business proposal presentations for potential clients
  • TaskSchedule and execute 30 presentations
  • TaskCreate and refine business proposal presentations
  • TaskIdentify and research 30 potential clients for proposals
  • Key ResultIdentify and reach out to 50 potential clients by the end of the quarter
  • TaskSend outreach messages to each potential client
  • TaskDraft a personalized outreach message for each contact
  • TaskCreate a list of 50 potential clients relevant to our business
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