OKR template to optimize AWS Costs

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The primary objective of this OKR is to optimize AWS costs. Steps include decreasing the current AWS monthly expenses by a notable 15% and identifying any unnecessary AWS resources for elimination. Further measures include the implementation of various cost-saving methods such as the utilization of reserved and spot instances.

Implementation of automatic scaling, resource utilization monitoring, EC2 optimization, and AWS Cost Explorer are initiatives aimed at proactive cost-effectiveness and optimization. Identifying redundancy and carrying out regular monitoring of AWS resources ensures continued efficacy and eliminates wastage.

Utilizing Reserved instances and Savings Plans are targeted to save on compute and database service costs. Regular cost analysis and reports detailing achieved savings and potential areas of opportunity are planned to track and evaluate optimization effectiveness.

Unused or redundant AWS resources will be removed or terminated immediately, and regular audits involving the review of all AWS resources will be conducted. This will ensure cost savings and provide a clear insight into usage patterns aiding future cost optimization efforts.
  • ObjectiveOptimize AWS Costs
  • Key ResultDecrease monthly AWS spend by 15% compared to the previous quarter
  • TaskImplement automatic scaling and resource utilization monitoring for cost-effective resource provisioning
  • TaskImplement AWS Cost Explorer to analyze spending patterns and identify optimization opportunities
  • TaskOptimize EC2 instances and remove unused resources to reduce AWS usage costs
  • TaskUtilize Reserved Instances and Savings Plans to save on compute and database service costs
  • Key ResultIdentify and eliminate any unnecessary or unused AWS resources
  • TaskRemove or terminate any unnecessary or redundant AWS resources immediately
  • TaskEvaluate the purpose and necessity of each identified unused resource
  • TaskRegularly monitor and audit AWS resources to ensure ongoing resource optimization
  • TaskReview all AWS resources to identify any that are not actively being used
  • Key ResultImplement cost-saving measures, such as Reserved Instances and Spot Instances utilization
  • Key ResultConduct regular cost analysis to track and report savings achieved from optimization efforts
  • TaskCompile a comprehensive report showcasing the achieved savings and present it to stakeholders
  • TaskReview cost data and compare it to previous periods to identify potential savings
  • TaskAnalyze cost drivers and evaluate opportunities for optimization in different areas
  • TaskImplement a system to regularly track and monitor ongoing optimization efforts and cost savings
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