OKR template to consistently rank in the top half of running events

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

The overarching objective of this OKR is to consistently rank in the top half of running events. The first outcome intends to attain race experience by participating in three local running events. This is facilitated by initiatives such as starting a regular training schedule, registering for these 3 events, and doing research on local running events.

The second outcome aims to improve overall endurance by increasing weekly mileage by 10%. An accurate increment calculation of the current weekly mileage is essential while consistently monitoring progress and endurance levels. The strategy includes gradually increasing mileage by 10% per week.

The third outcome underscores speed enhancement, targeting to finish five 10K runs in under 50 minutes. To achieve this goal, weekly training is scheduled with the objective of progressively increasing running speed. High-intensity interval training is incorporated in workouts and time is monitored on each run to adjust pacing.

Finally, the level of success in achieving these outcomes is assessed using a progress score format denoted by a percentage. The progress score ranges from 0 to 100%, a rate which reveals to what extent each outcome was realized and whether the efforts undertaken were productive and successful.
  • ObjectiveConsistently rank in the top half of running events
  • Key ResultParticipate in 3 local running events to gain race experience
  • TaskStart a regular training schedule
  • TaskRegister for the chosen 3 running events
  • TaskResearch local running events in your area
  • Key ResultIncrease weekly mileage by 10% to improve overall endurance
  • TaskCalculate current weekly mileage for accurate increment
  • TaskConsistently monitor progress and endurance level
  • TaskGradually increase mileage by 10% each week
  • Key ResultFinish five 10k runs in under 50 minutes for enhanced speed
  • TaskSchedule weekly training to progressively increase running speed
  • TaskIncorporate high-intensity interval training in workouts
  • TaskMonitor time on each run and adjust pace
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