OKR template to deepen WIMU penetration in Latin America using the marketing-influenced deals approach

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

This OKR aims to expand WIMU influence in Latin America through marketing-influenced deals. The first outcome is to acquire 25 new WIMU partner memberships by the end of the quarter. This will be achieved by implementing a referral reward program, organizing partnership outreach events or webinars, and creating a persuasive WIMU partner membership marketing campaign.

The second outcome is to raise the number of cross-border WIMU deals by 30% quarter-over-quarter. The focus is on strengthening ties with cross-border partners, devising targeted marketing tactics, and pinpointing potential markets while studying their potential for WIMU deals.

The third outcome targets improving the marketing campaign's reach to get 200,000 engagements across Latin America. The tactics include researching popular social platforms in the region, generating engaging content that appeals to the demographic, and utilizing targeted paid advertisements.

Overall, this OKR encompasses methods to quickly increase WIMU usage in Latin America. The approach combines effective marketing with network expansion efforts to meet their objectives.
  • ObjectiveDeepen WIMU penetration in Latin America using the marketing-influenced deals approach
  • Key ResultAcquire 25 new WIMU partner memberships by end of quarter
  • TaskOutline and implement a referral reward program
  • TaskOrganize partnership outreach events or webinars
  • TaskCreate a compelling WIMU partner membership marketing campaign
  • Key ResultIncrease cross-border WIMU deals by 30% quarter-over-quarter
  • TaskStrengthen relationships with cross-border partners
  • TaskDevelop and implement targeted marketing strategies
  • TaskIdentify potential markets and analyse their success potential for WIMU deals
  • Key ResultEnhance marketing campaign's reach to hit 200,000 engagements across Latin America
  • TaskResearch popular social platforms in Latin America
  • TaskCreate engaging content tailored to the demographic
  • TaskImplement targeted paid advertisements
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