OKR template to participate in project formulation and business case development

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The OKR title, "Participate in project formulation and business case development," indicates a commitment to being actively involved in the initial stages of project design and business case creation. The first objective focuses on the development of two consequential business cases that can influence project decisions. To achieve this, the individual will identify key objectives, assess potential effects, and prepare comprehensive presentations for each business case.

The second objective involves gaining a deep understanding of four unique business case models. To accomplish this, the person will research and study a variety of business case strategies, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and apply their knowledge to practical business situations.

The third and final objective is to take part in three distinct project formulation processes by the end of the quarter. In order to meet this goal, the individual will identify potential projects, classify their key objectives, and complete and register all project plans.

Throughout these objectives, the individual is suggested to demonstrate effective participation and contribution in the process of project formulation and business case development. Their involvement and understanding of the processes will be integral to the projects' successful initiation and eventual implementation.
  • ObjectiveParticipate in project formulation and business case development
  • Key ResultContribute towards developing 2 business cases impacting project decisions
  • TaskIdentify key objectives for each proposed business case
  • TaskLay out potential impacts on project decisions
  • TaskPrepare detailed presentations summarizing each case
  • Key ResultGain proficient understanding of 4 unique business case models
  • TaskResearch and study 4 diverse business case models
  • TaskAnalyze strengths and weaknesses of each model
  • TaskApply learned concepts to real-world business scenarios
  • Key ResultEngage in 3 distinct project formulation processes by end of the quarter
  • TaskIdentify potential projects to formulate
  • TaskOutline the key objectives for each project
  • TaskFinalize and document all project plans
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