OKRs to enhance account growth and customer retention

public-lib · Published 20 days ago

Recognizing the importance of the dual role that our existing accounts play within the organization, our objective is to drive growth and retention across our customers' portfolio. This includes cultivating current relationships, increasing sales through upselling and cross-selling, reducing churn, and enhancing customer loyalty. The ultimate end-goal to this objective is to recognize and maximize the lifetime value of our clients, strengthening our financial health while building mutually beneficial long-term relationships.
  • ObjectiveEnhance account growth and customer retention
  • Key ResultIncrease customer base by 20% by introducing two new promotion strategies
  • TaskDevelop, and finalize plans for two strategic promotions
  • TaskTrack and analyze the promotion's response rates
  • TaskImplement the promotions across all pertinent channels
  • Key ResultInvigorate account activity by 15% through the implementation of new user engagement tactics
  • TaskDevelop new features to enhance user engagement on platform
  • TaskInitiate user-focused campaigns promoting platform usage
  • TaskImplement a reward system to stimulate account activity
  • Key ResultAchieve a 10% reduction in customer churn through improved product offerings
  • TaskAnalyze customer feedback to identify issues with current offerings
  • TaskDevelop improved, competitive product or service features
  • TaskImplement targeted marketing campaign for revamped offerings

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