OKR template to enhance architectural vision and delivery quality

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The OKR envisions enhancing architectural vision and quality of project delivery. The first objective aims to attain a 90% satisfaction rating from clients on completed architectural projects. The initiatives under it include establishing open communication for client inquiries, periodically monitoring and assessing client satisfaction and incorporating the client feedback into final project designs.

The second objective focuses on fostering a collaborative environment in the department for innovative design concepts. Initiatives include establishing an online platform for discussing design ideas, creating interdisciplinary project teams for innovative design, and initiating frequent brainstorming sessions across various departments.

The third part of the OKR is all about improving the quality of project delivery by implementing two new quality control measures. These initiatives include researching effective quality control methods, identifying two shortcomings in the current project delivery process, and developing and implementing quality control measures based on the research findings.

In summary, this OKR emphasizes on improving client satisfaction, encouraging collaboration for innovative designs, and enhancing quality of project delivery through more refined quality control measures.
  • ObjectiveEnhance architectural vision and delivery quality
  • Key ResultAchieve 90% client satisfaction rating for completed architectural projects
  • TaskFoster open communication for client queries
  • TaskRegularly monitor and evaluate client satisfaction
  • TaskImplement client feedback in final project designs
  • Key ResultIncrease departmental collaboration on innovative design concepts
  • TaskCreate shared online platform for design ideas discussion
  • TaskEstablish interdisciplinary project teams for innovation design
  • TaskImplement regular brainstorming sessions across different departments
  • Key ResultImplement 2 new quality control measures to optimize project delivery
  • TaskResearch effective quality control methods to address deficiencies
  • TaskIdentify two deficiencies in the current project delivery process
  • TaskDevelop and implement quality control measures based on research
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