OKR template to boost enterprise customer attraction to our platform

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The OKR titled 'Boost enterprise customer attraction to our platform' focuses on enhancing business relationships with enterprise-level clients. This entails expanding the platform's functionalities, based on the feedback received from 75% of such clientele. Some initiatives to accomplish this include analyzing customer feedback, identifying common feature requests, and developing additional beneficial features.

The second outcome targets a 30% increase in demo requests over the next quarter. This involves simplifying the demo request experience and enhancing the features of the demo product to entice more customer engagement. Targeted marketing strategies will also be employed to improve the visibility of the demo.

The final outcome seeks to augment the customer support satisfaction rate by a substantial 45%. To achieve this, a robust customer feedback system will be implemented to effectively gauge customer satisfaction levels. Additionally, comprehensive training programs for customer support staff will be organized to ensure adept handling of customer queries and issues.

To ensure the quality of product/service based on customer insights is improved, insights coming directly from customer feedback will be taken into account. This objective emphasizes the need to better align company's offerings with the needs and expectations of enterprise customers to create a more attractive platform.
  • ObjectiveBoost enterprise customer attraction to our platform
  • Key ResultExpand platform features based on 75% of enterprise-client feedback
  • TaskAnalyze feedback from 75% of enterprise clients
  • TaskIdentify commonly requested platform features
  • TaskInitiate development of new features
  • Key ResultIncrease demo requests by 30% over the next quarter
  • TaskImplement a user-friendly online demo request form
  • TaskEnhance demo product features to attract more customer interest
  • TaskDevelop targeted marketing campaigns to boost demo visibility
  • Key ResultEnhance customer support satisfaction rate by 45%
  • TaskImplement a customer feedback system to gauge satisfaction
  • TaskImplement comprehensive training programs for customer support staff
  • TaskImprove product/service quality based on customer insights
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