OKR template to increase player base by 20%

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

The key goal is to increase the player base by 20%. The first strategy involves partnering with a gamer influencer to augment brand exposure. The initiatives for this strategy include collaborating on brand-promotion content, reaching out for partnership agreements, and identifying relevant influencers with substantial gamer followings.

The second strategy is to design and launch a referral program. This program aims to acquire 1000 new players by incentivizing the current players to invite their friends. The steps include designing the program, implementing a marketing campaign promoting it, and testing the program on a smaller scale initially.

Another crucial strategy is to launch two impactful marketing campaigns on social media platforms. This strategy requires designing and creating compelling visuals for the campaigns, scheduling and posting these campaigns on chosen platforms and establishing target demographics to optimize the content for them. Through these three strategies, the game aims to effectively increase player engagement and attract a larger audience.

Each of these strategies not only promotes the game to a broader audience but also provides incentives for current players to continue their engagement, ultimately leading to a 20% increase in the player base.
  • ObjectiveIncrease player base by 20%
  • Key ResultPartner with an influencer with a gamer following to enhance brand exposure
  • TaskCollaborate on brand-promotion content for influencer to share
  • TaskReach out to chosen influencer for potential partnership agreement
  • TaskIdentify relevant influencers with a substantial gamer following
  • Key ResultDevelop and roll out a referral program to acquire 1000 new players
  • TaskDesign a referral program incentivizing current players to invite friends
  • TaskImplement a marketing campaign promoting the referral program
  • TaskTest the referral program on a smaller sample first
  • Key ResultLaunch two engaging marketing campaigns on social media platforms
  • TaskDesign and create compelling visuals for each marketing campaign
  • TaskSchedule and post campaigns on desired social media platforms
  • TaskEstablish target demographics and optimize content for them
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