OKR template to boost revenue from existing customer base

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

The overall objective in this OKR is to boost revenue from the existing customer base. The first outcome aims to improve the repeat purchase rate by 10% through customer service enhancement. This enhancement involves personalized customer support, a loyalty program, and post-purchase communication.

The second target is increasing the average order size by 15%. Strategic upselling, through effective training of staff, introducing tiered pricing, and implementing product bundling, will serve to reach this goal.

The third and final target is a 20% increase in referrals leading to actual sales. This involves creating and widespread promotion of a powerful incentive referral program, along with tracking its impact on sales.

The success of these targets is not based on a subjective measure, but rather quantifiable results with a score format of 'a number in percentage'.
  • ObjectiveBoost revenue from existing customer base
  • Key ResultImprove repeat purchase rate by 10% by enhancing customer service initiatives
  • TaskOffer personalized customer support for product inquiries
  • TaskIntroduce a loyalty program incentivizing repeat purchases
  • TaskImplement post-purchase follow-up communication
  • Key ResultRaise average order size by 15% through strategic upselling efforts
  • TaskTrain staff on effective and personalized upselling techniques
  • TaskIntroduce tiered pricing to incentivize higher spending
  • TaskImplement product bundling to encourage larger purchases
  • Key ResultImplement incentive program to increase referrals leading to actual purchases by 20%
  • TaskDevelop a compelling referral incentive program
  • TaskPromote the referral program through various channels
  • TaskTrack and measure program's impact on purchases
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