OKR template to develop an engaging and results-driven events strategy

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

The primary goal of this OKR is to establish an engaging and result-oriented events strategy. The first key objective is to enhance participant satisfaction by 25% post-event. This process would be monitored through surveys and techniques for improvement will be implemented using the gathered feedback.

The second component of this OKR involves creating partnerships with at least 5 industry influencers in order to increase exposure and visibility of the events. The process involves identifying suitable influencers, preparing an appealing proposal and conducting individual negotiations to secure these partnerships.

Thirdly, the OKR proposes to enhance event engagement by 30% by implementing some interactive and captivating execution strategies. This includes utilizing visual storytelling elements, adopting gamification mechanics for interactive participant involvement, and incorporating live polls or quizzes to encourage engagement from the audience.

Lastly, the success of this OKR is measured on a score format, which ranges from 0% to 100% for each of the set outcomes. Various initiatives such as creating post-event satisfaction surveys, identifying relevant influencers, and implementing event engagement strategies are undertaken to ensure maximum results.
  • ObjectiveDevelop an engaging and results-driven events strategy
  • Key ResultMeasure and increase participant satisfaction by 25% post-event via surveys
  • TaskCreate a post-event satisfaction survey for participants
  • TaskImplement feedback to improve future events by 25%
  • TaskDistribute the survey to all event participants
  • Key ResultSecure partnerships with at least 5 industry influencers for event exposure
  • TaskIdentify relevant industry influencers for partnership
  • TaskDraft compelling proposal for potential influencer partnerships
  • TaskFollow-up proposal with individual discussions and negotiation
  • Key ResultBoost event engagement by 30% through interactive and engaging execution strategies
  • TaskUse visual storytelling to captivate attendees' interest
  • TaskAdopt gamification methods for interactive participant involvement
  • TaskImplement live polls/quizzes to encourage audience participation
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