OKRs to improve customer retention rate by implementing a loyalty program

Tability Templates · Published 9 months ago

In order to increase our revenue and establish stronger relationships with our customers, this OKR aims to improve our customer retention rate by implementing a loyalty program. By incentivizing customers to stay with us, we believe we can build customer loyalty and generate more repeat business. This will involve researching different loyalty program models, identifying the best fit for our company, and executing a successful launch. With this objective in place, we are excited to see the positive impact it will have on our customer relationships and overall bottom line.
  • ObjectiveIncrease customer loyalty
  • Key ResultCollect customer feedback and iterate program based on results
  • Key ResultLaunch a loyalty program within 2 weeks
  • Key ResultIncrease customer retention rate by 20% within the first month
  • Key ResultIncrease repeat purchases by 15% within the first quarter

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