OKR template to increase access to multiple websites for fast and easy retrieval

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

The key objective is to increase access to multiple websites, resulting in quicker and more straightforward retrievals. This will be achieved mainly by decreasing website loading times, thereby improving efficiency. This could involve removing any unnecessary plugins/code from websites, optimizing web server performance settings and compressing high-resolution images.

Initiatives to reach this goal would involve not only technical improvements but updating content to increase user engagement and traffic. Strategies for these improvements include identifying popular industry topics to guide relevant content generation and utilizing SEO strategies to improve online visibility.

Beyond this, the objective also includes regularly updating the website with engaging materials and implementing user-friendly interface improvements for enhanced navigation. The focus here is on user accessibility and the quality of their experience. It’s about making the website a pleasant place to visit in all respects.

To improve the interface, a prototype should be developed, tested, and refined to address usability issues within its current design. The OKR assumes a comprehensive approach, dealing not only with speed and access but the totality of user interaction for overall website performance enhancement.
  • ObjectiveIncrease access to multiple websites for fast and easy retrieval
  • Key ResultDecrease website loading time by 20% for improved efficiency
  • TaskEliminate unnecessary plugins/code from the website
  • TaskOptimize web server performance settings
  • TaskCompress high-resolution images to reduce file size
  • Key ResultIncrease user engagement and traffic by 15% through updated content
  • TaskIdentify popular industry topics for relevant content generation
  • TaskUtilize SEO strategies to improve online visibility
  • TaskRegularly update website content with engaging materials
  • Key ResultImplement user-friendly interface improvements for enhanced navigation
  • TaskDevelop prototype for user-friendly navigation enhancement
  • TaskTest and refine proposed interface improvements
  • TaskDefine usability issues within the current interface design
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