OKR template to boost our presence in significant media outlets

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The primary objective of this OKR is to increase our visibility and presence in significant media outlets. The measures of its success consist of three outcomes: forging relationships with ten influential journalists or media platforms, securing five feature articles in top-tier media outlets by the end of the quarter, and growing our organic mentions by 25%.

To accomplish these outcomes, several initiatives have to be undertaken. These include researching and crafting personalized outreach messages to journalists or media outlets, scheduling introductory meetings with them, and identifying top influential journalists or outlets in our field. Also, we'll identify and list top-tier media outlets suitable for achieving our objectives.

Additional steps to be taken include reaching out to journalists or editors with pitches to secure five features articles in top media outlets and crafting compelling pitches for these articles. An essential aspect of achieving this OKR is developing partnerships with influencers that align with our brand values while increasing shareable content on our social media platforms.

Finally, in addition to the above, implementing an organic, word-of-mouth referral program will be necessary to increase our organic mentions in the media by 25%. This will expose us to a broader audience and attract potential customers and partnerships, which directly contributes to business growth and brand visibility.
  • ObjectiveBoost our presence in significant media outlets
  • Key ResultEstablish relationships with 10 new influential journalists or media outlets
  • TaskResearch and draft personalized outreach messages
  • TaskInitiate contact and schedule introductory meetings
  • TaskIdentify 10 top influential journalists or media outlets in the field
  • Key ResultSecure 5 feature articles in top-tier media by end of quarter
  • TaskIdentify and make a list of top-tier media outlets
  • TaskReach out to journalists/editors with the pitches
  • TaskCraft compelling pitches for feature articles
  • Key ResultGrow organic mentions in media by 25%
  • TaskDevelop partnerships with influencers aligned with our brand values
  • TaskIncrease shareable content on social media platforms
  • TaskExecute an organic, word-of-mouth referral program
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