OKR template to boost customer acquisition for consultancy business

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The OKR titled "Boost customer acquisition for consultancy business" focuses on strategies to enhance the customer base. This includes converting 20% of visitors into leads through a refined conversion strategy. Some initiatives include strong SEO implementation, clear call-to-actions, and an analytics system to track conversion rates.

In addition, another goal is to increase website traffic by 30% through SEO and content marketing tactics. This means deploying SEO tools for monitoring results while tweaking strategies, creating shareable, high-value content for more backlinks, and incorporating targeted SEO keywords into blog posts and site content.

Further, 15% close rate is being targeted by improving sales outreach and follow-up processes. The process will be streamlined to ensure prompt communication. An effective CRM system will also be implemented for efficient sales tracking. Progressive sales training and workshops will be provided to the team.

Overall, the OKR targets a broad growth strategy for the consultancy business via optimized conversion strategy, SEO & content marketing, and improved sales processes. The aim is to foster customer engagement, website visibility, and effective sales process.
  • ObjectiveBoost customer acquisition for consultancy business
  • Key ResultConvert 20% of website visitors into leads with an optimized conversion strategy
  • TaskImplement robust SEO to increase website visibility and traffic
  • TaskCreate appealing, clear call-to-actions for visitor engagement
  • TaskInstall analytics to track and improve conversion rates
  • Key ResultIncrease website traffic by 30% through SEO and content marketing strategies
  • TaskUtilize SEO analytics tools to monitor results and optimize strategies
  • TaskCreate shareable, high-quality content for increased backlinks
  • TaskImplement targeted SEO keywords in blog posts and website content
  • Key ResultAttain a close rate of 15% by improving sales outreach and follow-up processes
  • TaskStreamline follow-up process to ensure timely communication
  • TaskImplement efficient CRM system for effective sales tracking
  • TaskProvide team with progressive sales training and workshops
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